Pugacheva and Galkin secretly got engaged

Therefore, there is not a Church divorce, as they say in the vernacular, and permission to re-wedding. You will need to provide a certificate of dissolution of a previous civil marriage, is a prerequisite.Age is not an obstacle, because the meaning of Christian marriage not only in childbirth, and the interaction of the two loving each other people. About the age difference is also not statutes. Previously married spouses with a large difference and celebrities, and simple. There is a hard rule only on related attitudes: people who are in close kinship, not crowned. And godparents with godchildren between them is impossible for me to marry.Second, and especially third wedding different from the first. The first wedding is the most full and solemn. On re-crowning the head crowns not already assigned, there are more penitential feelings. If people could not bear the hardships of his first marriage, in the second it is expected to come with a feeling of repentance. And the Church gives him that chance, because the person is weak, could be wrong.Passion rejuvenates (the comment of the expert - Mikhail Vinogradov, MD, psychiatrist)The desire repeatedly to register marriages at the registry office and especially in the Church says about any particular law-abiding and alarming suspiciousness.Then, it is the desire of the holiday - every time music, flowers, champagne, guests at the registry office. In the Cathedral it looks even more glorious. To go through this again and again - is to participate in a theatrical performance with a main character. And for women it may be the desire to keep a young man. The beliefs of the younger spouse is acting omolajivayuschee for the second half, and it speaks of a great desire to live. To me personally it says about your obsessions, about the psycho - sexual pathology of the individual. Source: Pugacheva and Galkin secretly got engaged.

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