Nikolay Baskov will appear in public naked

Nikolay Baskov will appear in public nakedWe already wrote about that Nikolay Baskov in St. Petersburg shoots her new music video "the love boat". The biggest surprise of the video was not only the appearance on the set of the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya, but also the appearance Baskov.To the shooting he came tan and noticeably thinner. As it turned out, now Nicholas purposefully losing weight and autumn is preparing to show his new body right at the concert, writes's what tells himself about this tenor: "the Intrigue that I have a contract with the Corporation, which is engaged in the technology of rejuvenation, and to my solo gig in St. Petersburg on 1 November and I have to be young, weighing 75 kg, with a beautiful body. The concert will be a moment where I stand on the stage almost naked in a speedo".According to Baskov, consensus about how its better to undress in front of an audience, yet."I'll be either in a pool to jump or clothes "the wind will carry away, - shares his thoughts singer. Читать полностью -->

Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of Russia

Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of RussiaLegendary British rock band Deep Purple will go in the fall of 2008 on a big tour of Russian cities, which finishes with a Grand concert on the stage of the Olympic stadium on 27 October.As have informed RIA "news" the President of the promotion company "Russian Show-Center" Vladimir Zubitsky, this tour will be in support of their work and as such will consist of hits for the group. Deep Purple will travel to 12 cities of Russia from Rostov to Irkutsk.Tickets for the concert in SC "Olympic" has already sold. The range of prices for the tickets today in the shops range from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.The band Deep Purple playing in the genre of hard rock, was formed in 1968 under the name of the Roundabout. In April of the same year the band changed its name to the now famous phrase.The group is considered one of the most prominent and influential rock music of the 1970-ies, one of the founders of the genre heavy metal and the band that influenced all subsequent "heavy" music.For all 40 years the history of the band in its ranks was lit 14 musicians, including the legendary virtuoso guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (Ritchie Blackmore), currently engaged in solo projects.In today the band consists of five musicians: vocalist Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan), bass guitarist Roger Glover (Roger Glover, guitarist Steve Morse (Steve Morse), keyboardist don Airey (Don Airey) and drummer Ian Paice (Ian Paice). Source: Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of Russia. . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears told about his difficult life

Britney Spears told about his difficult lifeThe last two years can be called almost the worst thing in the life of Britney Spears. The singer had to survive a cheating husband, divorce and exhausting fight for custody of the children.After the departure of beloved husband successful and purposeful Brit seemed to have changed, and she had a ball - suit-night partying without underwear in the company of Paris Hilton, shaved my head, tried to commit suicide and forcibly treated in psychiatric clinic. Her performance at the 2007 MTV has become a failure. They say before the show Britney was faced with a former lover Justin Timberlake, and it finally blew her troubled psyche. She refused to go on stage and burst into tears when she looked at herself in the mirror and repeating: "my God, I'm fat!". . Читать полностью -->

On sale: new book by Sergei Lukyanenko

On sale: new book by Sergei LukyanenkoNew book by Sergei Lukyanenko 'Competitors' on the basis of the narrative which is an online game Starquake, went on sale. "New novel has become a creative experiment of the author.This time Lukyanenko took not the surrounding reality and the cosmic game", reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the publishing group "AST"."If the ad on the post invites You to become a pilot of a spaceship - not in a hurry to agree, even out of curiosity". So begins the last book Lukyanenko.The Central character is a journalist Valentin Safonov, whose life changes radically after a strange announcement. Out of curiosity he goes to the office "Star hour" and still not believe what was happening: his life turned into a computer game.The writer has defined the genre as "coooper". While the author admits that he had long wanted to write something similar.On account of Sergei Lukyanenko more than 50 books, the total circulation reaches 500 thousand copies a year. For a General contribution to the development of fantasy, he was awarded the oldest domestic award "Aelita". Читать полностью -->

Igor Kvasha awarded `crystal Turandot`

Igor Kvasha awarded `crystal Turandot`The actor of the theater "Contemporary", people's artist of Russia Igor Kvasha awarded theatrical award "crystal Turandot" in the nomination "For honour and dignity", reports RIA Novosti.Second prize winner in this nomination became a theater artist Boris Messerer.Also announced that a special prize "the Crystal sprout" get Moscow "Theatre of the simple" entire company which consists of people with down syndrome.All "crystal Turandot" is awarded in seven categories. The award ceremony will be held in the Tretyakov gallery on June 30. Then the rest will be announced the winners."Crystal Turandot" is the oldest independent theatre award of Russia. She has been awarded since 1991. Award "For honour and dignity" in 2007, was presented to the actor of Theatre of satire Mikhail Derzhavin. Source: Igor Kvasha awarded "crystal Turandot"". Читать полностью -->

David Duchovny is being treated for sex addiction

David Duchovny is being treated for sex addictionDavid Duchovny checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic to undergo treatment for sex addiction, according to the Tape. with reference to Reuters.In Thursday circulation 48-year-old actor said that the decision to start treatment he has adopted voluntarily:"I voluntarily went to the clinic to get rid of sex addiction. I ask all to respect my privacy and personal life of my wife and children while we all try to cope with this problem." Source: David Duchovny treated for sex addiction. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Scientists: the World is ruled by Lefty

Scientists: the World is ruled by LeftyAccording to the staff of the Austrian National University, people who used the left hand more perfectly, can handle large amounts of information faster than right-handers.Scientists have conducted research among gamers and found that left-handers are better than right-handers as well as more quickly analyze the current situation and react to it appropriately. According to scientists, such people will show themselves in the work of drivers, pilots and other occupations of a similar kind.About the superiority of left-handed over right-handed scientists say not for the first time. So, National Bureau of economic research conducted a study and found that graduates of higher educational institutions, which have more developed left hand, earn between 13-21% (depending on the duration of the study) more than their classmates are right-handed. However, the researchers note, this trend is manifested only in relation to men is left-handed and right-handed women show the same results.The researchers also calculated that Lefty more than righty, become highly skilled professionals (53% vs. 38%). Lefties are disproportionately among the many artists, musicians, and certain categories of athletes (e.g., baseball players, golfers and boxers. Читать полностью -->

Famous winners `Muz-TV 2008`

Famous winners `Muz-TV 2008`6 June in SC "Olympic" was held the VI annual awards ceremony "Muz-TV 2008".So, the list of winners in the following categories."Best song": Maksim "My Paradise" (also in the category were Zemfira "We are broken" and Dima Bilan - "I'm your number one / Number One Fan")."Best performer" by Dima Bilan (Sergey Lazarev, Valery Meladze)."Best performer": Maksim (Zemfira, Zhanna Friske)."Best duet": Grigory Leps / Irina Allegrova "I don't believe you" (Alla Pugacheva / Kristina Orbakaite "Again Blizzard", Leonid Agutin / Angelika Varum "Two roads, two paths")."Best pop group": "VIA Gra" ("A-Studio", "City 312")."Best rock band": "Animals" ("Mumiy Troll", "Bi-2")."The best hip-hop project": "Band-Eros" ("Tree", Timothy)."Best video": "VIA Gra" "Kisses" (Zemfira "We are broken", "Band-Eros "About a beautiful life")."Best live show: December 1, XII the award ceremony "Golden gramophone", CTAG (June 8, Zemfira, Green Theater, Gorky Park. Gorky, June 27, 11, the award ceremony of the "Silver Shoe", the Operetta Theatre).Best album: Maksim "My Paradise" (Zemfira "Thank you", "VIA Gra" "Kisses")."Breakthrough of the year": Potap and Nastya Kamensky ("Silver", Pavel Volya)."Best ringtone" Dima Bilan "Impossible is possible" (Maksim "do you Know," Mack "Wind become).Also special prizes went to: "Park Gorkogo" - for his contribution to rock music, "Bravo" for his contribution to pop music, Robin Gibb - for his contribution to the modern music industry.In General in the VI annual awards ceremony "Muz-TV 2008" took part in almost all the most popular and contemporary Russian artists as well as international fashion stars (Jennifer Lopez, 30 Seconds To Mars, Morandi). The show itself was strong on directing and staging the rooms. There were many live performances. And sparkling leading Ksenia Sobchak and Ivan Urgant all evening delighted the audience with witty jokes. Personally, we liked this.Arthur Gasparyan (journalist): "Today, I am most a fan of Philip Kirkorov".Ivan Urgant: "don't explain why. Читать полностью -->

In Russia will film a new series about Sherlock Holmes

In Russia will film a new series about Sherlock HolmesIn Russia will film a new series about Sherlock Holmes. The project will 16 100-minute films, each of which will be filmed by different Directors.Senior project Director Oleg Pogodin said, "the new Holmes" will copy the "livanovskiy": "Film Maslennikova built on the charisma of the characters, in my main movie will be a suspense. In order not to reduce the degree of drama, from the movies will be removed "spiritual" character of Mrs. Hudson. And the legendary detective on the screen will inject morphine, fall in love and suffer from nightmares.The producers of the new series is still undecided with actors that will help to recreate legendary images of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, once created in Russia by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin. Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a man

Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a manA brawler and a drug addict Amy Winehouse once again struggles with men. After drinking in a London pub Dublin Castle a few glasses of tequila, drunken soul-diva beat up his neighbor at the bar, writes The Sun.Told victim - a 29-year-old salesman Wayne Lindsay, the singer suddenly turned around three times and hit the stranger in the face, and the man never said anything to the singer and never touched her, so her behavior was not provoked. The guards hurried to help Amy, but saw that Wayne's not my fault. "I couldn't believe it," he said. She was furious, just furious. It was as if she had voices in my head".However, releasing aggression, Amy began to calm down. Читать полностью -->

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