Zavorotnyuk repulsed Yulia Kovalchuk groom

Zavorotnyuk repulsed Yulia Kovalchuk groomLeading the popular project "dancing with the stars" selflessly fought off the blond guy at the participants of the show Julia Kovalchuk.The bridegroom is the perfect "nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk country, athlete Peter Chernyshev, clearly flirting with ex-brilliant singer Yulia Kovalchuk.During the project "Dances with stars", which Peter brilliantly won with Julia Kovalchuk, skater friends learned that on the love front, he worked no less impressive than on the dance floor.WorkoutRecall, Julia and Peter stayed on the project the longest and triumphantly won this contest. As you know, to win you need to practice a lot. How did you find "the house", the training was so intense that involuntarily moved from the dance floor at restaurants and bars, where, as had first met the couple, they were discussing the next program number.- You understand that we were always together, " of course, we had a little fling, we flirted, - has shared with "TD" Julia Kovalchuk.According to the organizers of the show that accompanied the winners on tour, to name relations Chernysheva and Kovalchuk "flirting" is possible only with a strong desire to mitigate the situation.- The guys are always on tour were thick as thieves, by day or night. - has shared with "Your DAY" administrators "Dance".ZavorotnyukAs it turned out, at about the same time polygamous configured Peter started an affair with a charming host and project - Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Skater put to such a difficult choice, was thinking long. And almost surrendered without a fight perfect "nanny.". Читать полностью -->

The troubled couple in Hollywood

The troubled couple in Hollywood When two stars come together, it's interesting. But if they are both "more stuff", then wait for something magical and scandalous. Next - best-known couples, are most often caught in the scandalous Chronicles of the news.In the first place was Sean Penn and Madonna. When in the early 90s outsider Penn and a brawler Madonna got married, many, oddly enough, were confident that this marriage will be strong and eternal, even Madonna herself after ten years was called Sean, his only first love!But then they suffered. Numerous scandals, quarrels in public, continuous breaks, jealousy. The peak of their life together became threats jealous of Sean to shoot beautiful wife. Читать полностью -->

Litvinova will again perpetuate Zemfira on film

Litvinova will again perpetuate Zemfira on filmOdious blonde media personality Renata Litvinova again decided to perpetuate the glory of his close friend - the singer Zemfira - on film.Despite the fact that a couple of months ago, right after the release of the concert film "Green theatre in Zemfira", diva has vowed that in the coming years will not participate in new projects from the new film "Classmates" celebrity refuse to are unable.- I am very tired, I think that in the coming years, I won't take them back then confessed Renata Litvinova.The filmAs found "TD", is a picture which is planned to complete in six months has attracted Litvinova what she saw in the script for his role singing girlfriend.- Renate the Almira loved our proposal is the fact that it can take part of her close friend Zemfira - shared with "th" by the organizers.By the way, the picture of "Classmates" will be the only for all the creative history of Litvinova's film, on the set of which she will have to share: it will not be the only Director of the film. Source: Litvinova will again perpetuate Zemfira on film. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was in the midst of parascandola

Britney Spears was in the midst of parascandola Ex-boyfriend Britt - Adnan Galib says that he has a video where ex-girlfriend has sex in the bathroom of a cheap hotel.Say, he shot a home video during a joint vacation in Mexico. And now wants to sell for big money. Doubtful - not so much the reputation of Britney, how much authenticity to the film.Most American sites post screenshots thrilling roller with doubt saying that they themselves, dear readers, decide, Britney is left or porn model, miraculously, like a star.Herself Britney Spears does not have time to comment on suspicious erotic image. Now she is very busy preparing for the release of the album Circus.But I hope that comment is not far off. Source: Britney Spears was in the midst of parascandola (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Russia has faced a wave of unusual monuments

Russia has faced a wave of unusual monuments Outgoing "cultural season" was visible not only on the part of the Prime Minister, touring and record-breaking box office receipts.Special activity began to show native sculptors, which are on the part of creativity can easily give odds, for example, their German counterparts, recently slawson in Berlin monument to the gay victims of Nazism. Judge for yourself - Russian artists are trying to magnify everything: cottage cheese, a newspaper ad, a shopping bag, Smoking pipe, stool Fashion... cast in bronze to whatever you want, began with St. Petersburg Siskin, but epidemic swept Russia only in the last two years. During this time the country is set to five times more monuments than in the entire twentieth century.The popularity of the Finch for a long time did not give the Muscovites rest, but recently this problem was solved when in the Park near the Novodevichy convent appeared the song "the Way for the ducklings". But because St. Читать полностью -->

The biggest bust of the planet

The biggest bust of the planet She Sabrina Sabrok today has the biggest Breasts in the world, resplendent with silicone curvy parts, each of which is downloaded by 5 pounds silicone.In the "girth" of each breast is 160 centimeters. Sabrina is not going to stop on achieved results and plans to increase the volume of the bust, implantiruut 1.5 kg of silicone in each breast.Sabrok singer, the model of "Playboy" magazine and presenter of one of the gears on Argentine television - wants to beat his own record owner of the biggest breast in the world. Sabrina was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and for many years dreamed of being a record holder. Finally, in 2004 she did it, she surpassed Italian porn star Lola Ferrari. Note that Lola died at the age of 30 years. The volume of her Breasts was 130 centimeters. Читать полностью -->

Sergey Bezrukov told about the problems of married life

Sergey Bezrukov told about the problems of married lifePopular actor Sergei Bezrukov and his wife Irina are one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema.However, in this stellar family is not so perfect as it might seem at first glance. About the problems of married life recently openly said Sergey."Our relationship is called the perfect couple... But I am convinced that no ideal people. We're just a healthy family that strives for excellence. Of course, my Ira is not easy, " admitted the Russian. Can you imagine the number of filming, traveling the actor Sergey Bezrukov? It happened that for a month I miss home... Читать полностью -->

In Mexico staged a watching horror films at a cemetery

In Mexico staged a watching horror films at a cemeteryA unique opportunity has received a thrill in Mexico. Anyone wishing to tickle your nerves gathered in an unusual show of horror films the night, but not just anywhere, but in the cemetery, the radio station "Mayak".Screenings of selected films was held at the weekend at the cemetery of San Miguel Allende. Organizers of the show have dated the show to the XI International festival of short films. The movie show were selected by the master of horror Director John carpenter.That the chosen films made the audience frozen with fear, no doubt. The carpenter knows a lot about this "horror" - he owns such cinematic hits as "Escape from Los Angeles", "Vampires", "demon Child" and "Halloween 2007". Source: Mexico staged a watching horror films at a cemetery. Читать полностью -->

In Karlovy vary started the international film festival

In Karlovy vary started the international film festivalIn the Czech town of Karlovy vary international film festival. For the first time in the history of film forum changed the practice of his work - although the official opening ceremony will take place in the evening, the screenings have already begun.Expected to be reviewed 30 movies.The film festival in Karlovy vary held for the 43rd time. In its more than 220 feature and documentary films made in the past and current years. As have informed the correspondent of ITAR-TASS in the Directorate of the forum, the festival will host a world, regional or European premiere of 52 films.Fourteen feature films will compete for the main award of the festival - "Crystal globe" - in the competition of feature films. Russia presents feature film directed by Alexei Uchitel "Captive".In the competition section "East of West" is a Russian film Director Alexei Mizgireva "Flint", directed by Mary Razbezhkina Yar and Director Sergey dvortsevogo "Tulip". Comedy "Tulip" - the film is a joint production of Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany. Читать полностью -->

The insurance company suspects Ledger's suicide

The insurance company suspects Ledger's suicideIt seems that around the case - and, most importantly, money - Heath Ledger unfolds another round of passion.Lawyer - attention! - daughter of Heath, Matilda rose Ledger, filed a lawsuit on... the insurance company of the actor, who said Ledger probably died not of an overdose of drugs and killed himself. The lawyer Matilda John S. Laviolette, in turn, insists that such statements are made solely in order to pay the heirs of the actor insurance in the amount of $ 10 million.So, the insurance company ReliaStar Life Insurance in Minnesota, signed in June 2007, the policy Hit the Ledger - six months before his death. The recipient of insurance money is a Trustee representing the interests of Matilda Ledger. However, instead of having to pay a specified sum of money after an accident - according to oficialismo the conclusion of the case, the insurance company began its own investigation of the causes of death Hit in order to determine whether it was an accident, or Mr. Читать полностью -->

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