Jennifer aniston has found herself a man

Jennifer aniston has found herself a manJennifer aniston photographed while relaxing on a Mexican beach with an unknown man.Judging by the photos, the actress is having a great time - smiles and flirts. Eyewitnesses claim that the couple were busily chatting over lunch, according to the newspaper the Sun.New friend aniston is a bit older than her previous passion - singer John Mayer, with whom the star of the TV series "Friends" broke up a month ago after a four-month romance.Personal life Jennifer became the object of attention after the actress split from her husband brad pitt, who is now living with another Hollywood star - Angelina Jolie.Recently the former Mrs. pitt said: "I am grateful to the public for the fact that she still cares about my life and my films. I hope I can meet the fans ' interest. The people are so nice. And I am very happy, so don't worry for me." Source: Jennifer aniston has found herself a man. Читать полностью -->

J. Lo will release sportswear, and Avril Lavigne perfume

J. Lo will release sportswear, and Avril Lavigne perfumeIn recent times the names of many stars of show business, have become brands, under which comes the clothing, cosmetics, perfume. Celebrities make money and maintain popularity.Jennifer Lopez has released several lines of fashionable clothes and created a fragrance named after her beloved, but this is not going to. As informs a portal Just Jared, the singer will develop a collection of sportswear. "It will be special things convenient for training, yoga or dancing, - said the representative of the all time Lopez. Jennifer wants, first, they looked great both in the gym and on the street, and secondly, were acceptable and functional.". Читать полностью -->

10 interesting facts about angelina Jolie

10 interesting facts about angelina JolieToday the birthday is celebrated by American actress Angelina Jolie. By right it is considered one of the most popular Actresses not only at home but also far beyond its borders, particularly in our country.On this day news social network . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Twin photos of pitt and Jolie sold for $14 million

Twin photos of pitt and Jolie sold for $14 millionThe American People magazine and British Hello! paid $ 14 million for pictures of the newborn twins of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, said on Friday AP with reference to close to the deal sources.According to them, both publications specializing in the life stories of stars, paid $ 7 million for the exclusive right to publish photos of the twins in the USA and the UK respectively.Earlier, French media reported that newborn photos actors sold for $ 11 million. The title of the publication, purchased photography was not specified, but it was reported that the proceeds pitt and Jolie plan to send to charity. Photo of the first biological child actors - Shiloh Nouvel, born in may 2006 - was, according to unofficial data, sold to People magazine for $ 5 million. The actors also gave this money to charity.The editors People have already announced that pictures of the twins will be published in the magazine, which goes on sale in the U.S. on Monday, 4 August. When the pictures will appear in the British Hello!, it is not specified.Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl - on 13 June at the clinic in nice, France. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez is already showing twins Europe

Jennifer Lopez is already showing twins Europe Spouse Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony began a brief tour in the cities of Europe. He will give concerts in Italy, Spain and other countries. Will start the same tour in Belgium, where the couple have already arrived, along with newly born twins.Today, London's Daily Mail newspaper published photographs of descending the stairs of a private jet j-Lo and Marc Anthony. Their hand - wrapped in blankets kids.In recent years, the singer was inseparable with Jennifer, they went everywhere together, and now, apparently, they will not travel together, and the four of us. As told happy father of 4-month Max and Emma his very inspiring in the works.However, organizers of concerts by Latin American, decided to carry the whole family, this news is not particularly pleasing, as Ryder Anthony was rather increased. Moreover, the requirements are unlikely to be confined to the toys behind the scenes. Читать полностью -->

Govorukhin protects children from modern `culture`

Govorukhin protects children from modern `culture`He is one of the most famous Russian film Directors, ageless Creator of the Soviet TV series "the meeting Place cannot be changed" and " perestroika "can't live" - movies, after which people were thrown into the fire their membership cards.However, today the name Stanislav GOVORUKHIN for many more associated with politics than with cinema. Nevertheless, be reminded that he is a master of all creative professions, not political intrigue, Stanislav Sergeevich will have on the days in Vyborg, where this Friday opens the festival "Window to Europe". Here he will personally present his new film "the Passenger". On the eve of the premiere of the correspondent of "NO" met with the Director Govorukhin.- In the movie you more comfortable, than in politics?- It is now no policy exists. I was in politics before the state Duma. Removed paintings which have greatly changed the political climate in the country. Читать полностью -->

Sharapova is recognized as the richest athlete in the world

Sharapova is recognized as the richest athlete in the worldRussian tennis player Maria Sharapova won the first place in the list of richest athletes, compiled by the American magazine Forbes. Over the past year, Sharapova earned $ 26 million.The second and third ranked American tennis sisters Serena and Venus Williams who earned respectively 14 and 13 million dollars.In fourth place is the recently retired former first racket of the world Justine Henin from Belgium. Its earnings amounted to $ 12.5 million. Places from fifth to seventh is the golfer: American Michelle Wye, Annika Sorenstam from Sweden and Lorena Ochoa from Mexico, earned 12, 11 and 10 million dollars. Next in top ten richest athletes antagonize Danica Patrick of the United States ($7 million), the first racket of the world Serb Ana Ivanovic (6.5 million dollars), American golfer Paula creamer ($6 million).Thus, in the ranking of the richest athletes dominated by tennis players and golfers. As notes the edition, footballers and basketball players are not going to earnings David Beckham and LeBron James.Maria Sharapova regularly ranks high in the rankings of the richest celebrities. Читать полностью -->

Ballot with a vote for Hitler will go under the hammer

Ballot with a vote for Hitler will go under the hammerAt auction at the country club Ludlow Racecourse in Shropshire in the West of England on 25 June will be sold to a German ballot 1933, which a citizen of Germany voted for the National socialist workers party (NSDAP).As wrote on Saturday, 7 June, the Times newspaper, the owner of the document, decided to sell it through the auction house Mullock's, chose to keep his name and the circumstances under which he got the Bulletin. The initial cost of the lot is also not reported.The Bulletin listed the names of the leaders of the NSDAP, including Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess."Many people don't realize that Hitler came to power in a military coup. He was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany", - said the representative of the auction house Richard Westwood-Brookes (Richard Westwood-Brookes).Early parliamentary elections were held on March 5, 1933, after just a few days after the fire in the Reichstag. Hitler by this time already more than a month he held the post of Chancellor, but a large fraction of Communists and social Democrats in Parliament allowed him to usurp dictatorial powers. The Nazi party blamed the Communists in the Reichstag fire. As a result the Nazi party gained almost 44 percent voted for her more than 17 million people), and the left has won a total of only slightly more than 30 percent.23 March 1933 controlled by the Nazis, the Parliament adopted a law granting the Chancellor emergency powers and allowing him to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens. Читать полностью -->

11-year-old Russian named `Little Queen of the world`

11-year-old Russian named `Little Queen of the world`At the international competition of beauty and talent, Little King and Queen of the World - 2008 won young model Agency Nelly Models Dasha Sarahanova. On parade in the Bulgarian city of Burgas gathered 26 participants.The contestants were shown a variety of dance and circus acts, singing songs.Dasha performed at the flamenco competition. Dance put her choreographer Victor Tzaptashvili. In order for the international competition Dasha diction, she went to Malta, where he took English lessons.In Dasha's piggy Bank is not the first victory. At the young beauty already has the title of "Second Princess" children's contest of beauty and talent "Little Beauty Omsk - 2007", in the same year became the winner of the contest "Little miss Siberia" and the international children's contest " Little Miss World - 2007, according to KP.Dasha dancing, attending school models. Currently "the Little Queen of the world" were invited to participate in the International Forum of Models and Talents for Fashion House International-2008 and the International beauty contest Prince and Princess of the Universe - 2008. Читать полностью -->

Photography almost cost Milena career

Photography almost cost Milena careerNot so long ago began a musical career as a singer Milena is not without its curiosities and anecdotes. One of these misunderstandings, the singer believes the real shame.The reason was a wrong picture for Billboard. This shot almost cost Milena concerts and tours in several cities of Russia. About the incident she told one of the popular publications."It was an organization of my first tour on cities of Russia, explains the situation Milena, "We worked with photographers on a poster, on which was to be my photo, I sat in front of the cameras and folded my hands as if in my hand I hold the microphone, he then had to draw. But, apparently, forgotten. In the end, Billboard without my approval went to print and were posted on the cities that were included in the concert schedule. Читать полностью -->

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