With Nicholas Karachentsov a miracle happened

With Nicholas Karachentsov a miracle happenedAfter a terrible accident three and a half years ago forever changed the life of Nikolay Karachentsov, with the artist permanently there is his wife Lyudmila purgina.Through the efforts of its actor runs various courses of treatment, travels a lot, appear at events.Lyudmila Polino for many condemn it. Some seem to think that a sick person cannot flaunt that it is better for him to live out his days in the family circle.The wife of Nikolai Petrovich has an opinion on this. "Those who reproaches me that I haul around to gigs, I say: I am proud that he is alive! I am proud that it is adequate! And I'm proud that he didn't give up and continues to fight! And I have nothing to fear! - says Lyudmila purgina. - This is our life, the other will not! After all, he wants to see the performances. I can't say, "stay home and not go out! I am ashamed to be giving you such a patient". And I'm not ashamed! On the contrary".It turns out that Nikolai Petrovich itself and goes a little said, already can be called a miracle. Читать полностью -->

Actress Elena Korikova getting married

Actress Elena Korikova getting marriedActress Elena Korikova after the divorce with her husband, the operator of max Osadchiy, several years remained one of the most eligible brides.Beautiful, and after a successful start, "Poor Nastya" and a successful career woman to stay lonely long time.Say, a long time associate romance with tennis player Marat Safin. The athlete gave his beloved flowers, appeared often at rehearsals and filming. Was rumoured that even the latest erotic photo shoot Helena was dedicated to Marat.However, in something more serious, this novel never outgrown. Perhaps Korikova was waiting for proposals of marriage, but Safin because it never did.But now in the secular parties do not cease rumors that Elena still get married. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Korikova agreed to become the wife of a famous and very wealthy businessman.The man was a longtime fan of the actress. He recently confessed his love to her and gave expensive diamond ring.The name of their partner Elena still conceals.Surrounded by the artist of this information is also not disclosed, however, the choice of Korikova approve."Lena finally found a real man who can take care of her and will do anything to make her happy," said a friend of the actress.Where and when will the wedding is still unknown. Читать полностью -->

Girlfriend of Playboy owner showed my Breasts to Dominicans

Girlfriend of Playboy owner showed my Breasts to Dominicans 22-year-old Kendra Wilkinson Jr. of "bunnies" famous playboy - shocked residents of the Dominican Republic bare bust.Babe did this mind-numbing focus on one of the evenings, where she was invited as a guest. It seems that the audience was present at the birth of a new Pamela Anderson.Recently in the press leaked the information that the stunning blonde broke the gate hefneresque mansion - had an affair with football star Hank Basket. And here is her first independent release.However, it is possible that the owner of Playboy magazine decided therefore to deal with the economic crisis in his Empire.Shares Hefner fell from $11 to less than $3, and rumor has it that the situation can result for the main playboy bankruptcy. So he sent Kendra to "earn" on the side. Source: Girlfriend of Playboy owner showed my Breasts to Dominicans (photo). Читать полностью -->

Johnny Depp will play the mad Hatter

Johnny Depp will play the mad HatterHollywood star johnny Depp was chosen by Tim Burton for the role of mad Hatter in a new three-dimensional picture "Alice in Wonderland".The Director joked that after the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory" actor is fully prepared for the role, involving the constant wearing of hats, according to Reuters.Another joint work of actor and Director, consolidate the creative tandem of the reputation of the most long lasting and productive. For the first time Depp has played at Burton in the movie "Edward Scissorhands", which was released in 1990. Then the actor played the role of Barber Sweeney Todd, in the eponymous film, shot Burton in 2007.Recall that the main role in the new film the Director has chosen 18-year-old Australian MIA Wasikowska, which debuted in the TV series "All saints" and now plays nominated for "Emmy" the HBO series "Therapy".It is known that the writer of the new fabulous work about some girl from the popular tale by Lewis Carroll will perform Linda Wolverton, known for his work on disney's "the King lion". The Director considers that the success of his new tape defines the artwork itself. It's classic, where all the images are absolutely incredible. It is these stories and attract children, says Burton.It is expected that after completion of the casting, the shooting can begin in the near future. Читать полностью -->

Muammar Gaddafi proclaimed `king of kings`

Muammar Gaddafi proclaimed `king of kings`Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi awarded the title of "king of kings, sultans, princes and sheikhs of Africa," AFP reported.Is high rank was awarded to him by the heads of 200 African tribes gathered at a forum in the city of Benghazi on the Mediterranean coast in honor of the 39-year-old anniversary of the arrival of Gaddafi to power.Tribal elders, many of whom were wearing Golden crowns, colorful headdresses and robes, gave Gaddafi numerous gifts, among them the Royal throne, the Quran 18th century, ostrich eggs, traditional dress and food.Gaddafi, in turn, urged them to exert pressure on their governments to unite all African States and creating the ultimate "United States of Africa".Muammar Gaddafi came to power in Libya on 1 September 1969 after the success he headed a military coup, which toppled king Idris I. Source: Muammar Gaddafi proclaimed "king of kings"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue in Moscow has strengthened its protection

Kylie Minogue in Moscow has strengthened its protectionFamous singer Kylie Minogue, who flew to Moscow for a single concert, very afraid that in Russia it can make an attempt. Hence, the star demanded to provide unprecedented security measures.Presidential Suite # 111 on the 11th floor of a luxury Moscow hotel is guarded by three bodyguards. The room key is made in a single copy and resides in her. And at the entrance to the hotel all the time on duty and two machine-gunners.The Kylie arrival in the Russian capital because of the storm was delayed for more than an hour instead of the expected arrival 15:00 Kylie reached Moscow only at 16:30.Weary from a long flight, the singer, surrounded by a dense ring of guards, sat in waiting at the exit from the airport tinted car and left for the hotel.As writes the edition "Your day", gastronomic rider Minogue modest obscenely. All the food we need Thrifty singer, apparently not trusting the Moscow chefs, brought to Moscow with him. Among the strange requirements - please prepare for the concert 300 kg of ice and 200 liters of water.The organizers assure that the long-awaited visit Kylie will not end only by the performance in the sports complex. Читать полностью -->

In Morocco detained Russian pop band `Cream`

In Morocco detained Russian pop band `Cream`As reported in the night of Tuesday the representatives of the Russian pop group "Cream", the musicians were detained at the airport in Casablanca (Morocco).Representatives of the Russian Consulate in Casablanca trying to figure out all the circumstances of this detention.According to the press attache of the group "Cream" Elena Sartbaeva, girls, speaking in Morocco at a corporate event and returning to Moscow on Monday evening, was removed from the flight after registration. The reason of such actions of the local authorities was that in the things the musicians were discovered allegedly fake dollar bills. According to the representative of the pop group, it was just a concert props. Imitations of banknotes, on which is the inscription "Not for Sale" ("Not for sale"), the girls handed out during his speech.According to the representative of the musical group, the girls took the documents without explaining. At the airport of Casablanca detainees is only the group administrator, who still can't figure out the fate of the girls, "Vesti".As reported by the Consul General of Russia in Casablanca, the airport is currently the Consul General of the Russian Federation, which is trying to understand the situation. "Interestingly, they never warned us that they are here about the purpose of his visit, and contacted us when they needed our help," said Consul General of Russia in Casablanca Vyacheslav settlers. Читать полностью -->

Laetitia Casta naked for Elle magazine

Laetitia Casta naked for Elle magazine 30-year-old mother of two children, who left the podium in 2000, looks like she's still 18.French actress and model Laetitia Casta has agreed to pose Nude for the September issue of Elle France.For her beauty in 2000 she was named Marianne, the national symbol of France. Due to its stunning appearance Caste is a popular actress and model. This year Letitia became the mascot of the French brand Louis Vuitton. In addition, in July it became known that the Taiwanese Director and screenwriter Tsai Ming-Liang invited Letizia Caste and Fanny Ardant for the main roles in his new film. The film tells the story of a young Chinese filmmaker, who planned to deliver at the Louvre musical based on the myth of Salome.The film also will star Taiwanese actor Lee Kang-Sheng and the hero of the film "Last tango in Paris" - French artist Jean-Pierre Leo. The shooting will begin in October. Читать полностью -->

The Salvador Dali discovered illegitimate daughter

The Salvador Dali discovered illegitimate daughterA resident of Spain, who calls herself an illegitimate daughter of Salvador Dali, the beginning of the trial to prove the paternity of the artist.According to The Telegraph, the woman appearing in the media as Pilar A., may require the exhumation of the body was Given to conduct the DNA test.Previously, scientists had already conducted a DNA analysis is being used for skin fragments and hair from Dali mustache, and found no relation between Pilar and artist. But the 56-Letnyaya Spanish called the results of the DNA analysis are inconclusive.It tells Pilar, her mother was in Catalonia together with family where she worked as a maid. She was one of those whom I had invited to his house in Cadaques. According to Pilar, between her mother and the artist-surrealist was having an affair.She also said that one proof of relationship is a superficial resemblance between her and Salvador Dali. A longtime friend of the artist Robert Dearn (Robert Descharnes) said that for the full similarity with the artist she "lacks only a mustache.". . Читать полностью -->