Hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and Lohan

Hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and LohanOn the information portal Valleywag Silicon valley, located in Northern California, on Thursday there were pictures from the personal album of Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, according to the website Yahoo.com.As it turned out, the photos were downloaded from the personal profiles of the stars on his MySpace site some Byron NG, widely known in narrow circles of specialists in information security.The hacker was able to access the profiles of celebrities, using, in his own words, a "hole" in the security of MySpace and services Yahoo. One of the sites he didn't even change the order of actions to be undertaken to access private MySpace accounts.Chief editor of Valleywag Thomas Owen believes that such a gap in the security of social networks, the popularity of which is growing rapidly, is not accidental. Modern networks cannot guarantee the security of personal information of the user, even if in the settings of his profile contains the relevant restrictions. In addition, such resources are, in principle, are not designed to store sensitive data. "Information sharing," said Owen. Source: hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and Lohan. Читать полностью -->

In Russia robbed the home of a famous astronaut

In Russia robbed the home of a famous astronautIn the Moscow region house of the famous conqueror of space Alexei Leonov was subject to an attack by unknown robbers.The thieves got into the living room, located in Shchelkovo district in the village of Leonia near Star city, last weekend. The damage amounted to more than a million rubles.The source in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region said that "a statement about the incident to the police contacted the wife of the astronaut, which reported the theft". As RIA "Novosti", in fact the incident a criminal case, is the search for the robbers.In August two famous people have been victims of a robbery. Moscow apartment by Stanislav Govorukhin on the Trekhgorny Shaft was robbed by unidentified attackers, stealing documents, money and jewelry.As it became known, the Director has applied for burglary in the police Department "Presnensky". Law enforcement officers found that the thieves entered the house, breaking the locks on the front door of the apartment of the Director. Criminals took the safe, which contained money and jewelry. Читать полностью -->

Finished shooting `the best film-2`

Finished shooting `the best film-2`Monumental Pictures and Comedy Club Production finished shooting "the best film-2". Similar to the first picture, the second film is also shot in the genre of kanaparthi.So, in "the Best Film-2" the viewer will see a parody of modern Russian box office hits, including "Heat," "the Irony of fate. Continued", "12", "We from the Future" and the blockbuster tentpoles "king of the ring", "Malakhov ", "Dom-2" and many others.Together with Garik Kharlamov in the film, attended the residents of Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov, Dmitry Khrustalev and Oleg Vereshchagin. The film also starred Mikhail Galustyan, Dmitry Nagiyev, Sergey Lazarev, Sergey Zverev. The Director of the movie was Oleg Fomin. Provisional release date of films in theaters - January 22, 2009."The best film", despite excellent cash start, quickly lost the interest of the audience. Читать полностью -->

Abramovich has caused to the European court

Abramovich has caused to the European courtRussian billionaire and owner of football club "Chelsea" Roman Abramovich has caused in the Geneva court.He will give testimony in a criminal case bankruptcy in February 2005 Geneva football club Servette. In office of public Prosecutor of the city of Geneva confirmed that the court has indeed sent Abramovich agenda.The name of the Russian businessman is mentioned in connection with the circumstances of transition in "Chelsea" one of the best players Servette Fabrizio Zambrella. Swiss club declares that the English are not paid for footballer of the amount due. While there was a trial before the court, the Geneva club went bankrupt.Moreover, the surname of a prominent businessman is mentioned in a long list of celebrities, which the lawyers of the former owner Servette Mark Roget plan to call in witnesses. In addition to Abramovich at a meeting of invited the legendary Pele, FIFA President Joseph Blatter, the famous French businessman and politician Bernard Tapie and nearly a hundred people. This is not surprising, according to the law, the lawyers may ask to hear anyone.According to cantonal of Geneva Prosecutor Dario Zanni, of course, the court may reject the request by lawyers, but in the case of Abramovich he didn't. Читать полностью -->

1020 years ago there was the Baptism of Rus

1020 years ago there was the Baptism of RusPatriarchal prayer service at the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin began the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus.Divine service at the Cathedral was attended by bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church from the Russian regions, CIS and far abroad, as well as the delegation of the Russian Church abroad headed by the first Hierarch, Metropolitan Hilarion, gathered this week in Moscow to participate in the Council of bishops.The service was attended by more than 180 bishops that attended the Council of bishops. They represent more than 140 dioceses of the ROC in Russia and abroad. In the Cathedral also prayed for the priests and parishioners in Moscow. The singing was performed by the choir of the Sretensky monastery. He participated a year ago in celebrations of the reunification of the Russian Church, traveling almost all continents, praising the beauty of Orthodoxy."During the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus', we once again surveyed the path traversed during these centuries of our Church - and this path was consecrated life Holy ascetics, soaked with the blood of martyrs. It was truly the path of Golgotha the crucifixion of Christ", - quotes "Interfax" Alexy II appeal to the congregation after the service.Patriarch Alexy thanked the hierarchs for their participation in the Council of bishops, "which for four days to discuss the major issues of Church life and the way of serving the Church in the years ahead". Читать полностью -->

Celebrities, radically changing its image

Celebrities, radically changing its image Say, changing the color of hair, the woman changes her fate, getting together with new color pros, cons, stereotypes and new perception in the eyes of others.With the clear disadvantages is damaged hair, the roots growing, gentle shampoos and lots of nourishing masks.But do we need to pay attention to them, when from somewhere takes a lot of pros! Source: Celebrities, radically changing its image (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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