Britney Spears decided to reclaim the positive glory

Britney Spears decided to reclaim the positive gloryBritney Spears is determined to regain first place music charts.After her magical transformation that the singer did not regret 22 thousand dollars a month and as a result lost 7 pounds, Britney is preparing a triumphant return to the best concert halls of the world. Her first appearance on the public in a new way will become a leading role award ceremony MTV Video Music Awards. To show Spears will be together with comedian Russell Brand.She participated in the recording of the promotional video for the upcoming September ceremony, and were already released the first footage of this movie: them - Britt, Russell and elephant weighing more than 4 tons.Amateur women - the Brand said in an interview: "I plan to merge in a passionate first kiss with Britney, and then with Madonna. Of course, this is not an easy task, but I hope I can handle it.". . . Читать полностью -->

The knights Templar are suing the Pope

The knights Templar are suing the PopeThe Spanish Templar, who consider themselves the inheritors of the knights of the Temple, has filed a lawsuit against Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, demanding repeal of the ban on the existence of the order."Association of the sovereign order of the Temple of Christ (AAHH), which considers itself the successor of the legendary Templar, filed in the court of justice of Madrid statement on the current Pope as the successor of Pope Clement V, who declined the Order in 1307," reads the official statement.In addition, the modern Templars require to recognize the illegal confiscation of the wealth of their predecessors, estimated at 100 billion euros.According to estimates AAHH, immediately before the prohibition of the activities of their Templar order, operating in France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland, have owned nine thousand objects of real estate.As RIA "Novosti", the court which originally addressed the plaintiffs refused to receive their petition, citing his incompetence in matters of 700 years ago. Therefore, at present the case is pending court of Madrid.Recall that the Templar Order or the Templars, was founded in 1119 by knights who participated in the first crusade. Over time, the knights switched from military operations in the financial, becoming the richest bankers in Europe.The king of France, Philip IV the fair accused the Templars of heresy and dealt with them with the support of then of the Roman Pontiff. The order was banned, and his wealth confiscated. Source: the knights Templar are suing the Pope. . Читать полностью -->

A nun has become pornoanal of America

A nun has become pornoanal of America12 years ago, during my first Communion brunette with blue eyes Nikki Jane seemed an ideal of purity and innocence, but now 22-year-old Busty blonde Nikki turned into the hottest pornoanal of America.In an interview with the magazine she noticed that in childhood and adolescence she was highly religious. Now from a devout Church parishioner quiet town of Wigan, which every Sunday the whereabouts of biscuits with tea, Nikki rose to the most in-demand Actresses in the porn industry."I used to go to Church every Sunday, and after we went to tea club for elders, and it lasted almost all the time while I was a teenager. However, I soon learned that in life there are more pleasant things than tea club and Church sermons - for example, boys," said Nikki Jane. Busty beauty already signed an exclusive contract with the largest company producing porn Vivid Entertainment, which has opened up a world legend XXX-movie - jenna Jameson.Kinobossy were just amazed at the debut of Nikki in her first film: "I'm happy to be a Vivid girl - that means I will go far.". . . Читать полностью -->

In Sochi opens `Kinotavr`

In Sochi opens `Kinotavr`In front of the Winter theatre in Sochi spread a carpet, on which tonight will Shine heroes of modern Russian cinema. On the black sea coast offers a 19-second account of "Kinotavr".The competition will include 15 films, including a new film by Kirill Serebrennikov "Yuri's day" and the work of Alexei Uchitel "Captive". Will open festival competition film "Live and remember" by Alexander Proshkin.Mark Rudinstein, from 1991 to 1999, the General producer of the festival "Kinotavr": "we have new faces, new films, the system will also be a selection of the best new. Great happiness that the festival exists. His works are so good that to get to the "Kinotavr" is considered a matter of honor".The first winner is already known. The prize for outstanding contribution to the development of the film will receive Alexey Herman. Читать полностью -->

Madonna is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Madonna is on the verge of a nervous breakdown49 year old singer is intensively preparing for the concert tour, which is around the corner in August of this year.According to approximate to extravagant diva people, preparation takes away a lot of strength that had an immediate impact on her psychological condition. Recently in a fit suddenly flashed anger, the singer fired two dancers, and her Manager is on the verge of dismissal.Doctors and psychotherapists Madonna's claim that the cause of this condition is not only approaching concert tour, but also some trouble in his personal life of the singer. Recall that recently the brother of the singer published a book in which he revealed many secrets of the life of his famous sister. Source: Madonna is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. . . Читать полностью -->

Daughter Milla Jovovich appeared on a magazine cover

Daughter Milla Jovovich appeared on a magazine cover Milla Jovovich, as we recall, decided not to make a hype around the first pictures of their baby and posted pictures for free on his website. And only now agreed on a magazine photo shoot.Milla Jovovich and her 10-month-old baby ever graced the latest issue of American family edition "Cookie". They pose at home and on the background of nature, however, unfortunately for fans of the actress and model, interview not accompanied by photos. However on the official website Jovovich it is reported that she will soon appear on the pages of another magazine, where I will answer all of interest to readers questions. Source: Daughter Milla Jovovich appeared on a magazine cover (photo). . Читать полностью -->

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