The young wife of Dmitry Dibrova pregnant

The young wife of Dmitry Dibrova pregnantPopular TV presenter and showman Dmitry Dibrov and his wife - model Alexandra Shevchenko - expect replenishment in the family. Alexander is located on the 3rd month of pregnancy.Newly married 48-year-old Dibrov and 23-year-old Alexander decided that he would name the baby after my mom, regardless of gender. Dmitry in one interview, he boldly stated that she wants five children, the first must be born daughter.First Dibrov saw his future wife in his native Rostov when she was only 12 years old. Sasha is the daughter of a good friend and sworn brother Dibrova Andriy Shevchenko."Sasha is my stepfather's granddaughter, the daughter of his own son and named my brother," explains Dibrov. - We with Sasha's dad is a nonblood brothers and great friends of youth".A year ago, fate has brought back the popular TV presenter and Alexander. Alexandra herself contacted Dubrovin through the site "Classmates.". Читать полностью -->

Shocking details of drug addictions Winehouse

Shocking details of drug addictions WinehouseEach of the controversial singer Amy Winehouse has revealed shocking details of drug addictions of the soul-diva: the girl already did twice "heroin overdose", during which she fought in wild convulsions as the heroes of the film "the Exorcist".Amy was sitting on the methamphetamines, and after 36 hours of continuous Smoking marijuana she had a split personality, writes The Sun.According to doctors, this overdose will be fatal. The BODY of 24-year-old girl so exhausted drugs that doctors fear, as if in a fit, she didn't break his bones.Recall that the first overdose cocaine Princess" took place in August 2007 due to the simultaneous use of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamines. It was then that she had a split personality, which could end with suicide attempts. Amy was advised to go to a psychiatristSecond overdose was the singer started exactly one year later, in July of this year - she just bought the "inhuman" dose of hashish, then she started hallucinating and she lost control. At the time, to somehow reduce the hype around sudden hospitalization Amy, her father, 54-year-old MICT Winehouse told the press that her daughter "bad reaction to medication".Doctors are concerned that the brain of the singer could be damaged after an overdose of cannabis, said friend Amy, she had detected symptoms similar to schizophrenia."Her future is very sad. Of course, Mitch is doing everything to protect his daughter and yet his explanation of hospitalization Amy in July was a trivial lie. Читать полностью -->

The most highly paid Actresses in Hollywood

The most highly paid Actresses in HollywoodThe fabulous fees to actors envy of any businessman. Basking in the glory and love of the fans, the main characters in modern movies, most likely, will never know what it's like to make ends meet.At least this is evidenced by the rating of the highest paid Actresses.This year, the highest salary for starring in films boasts a 37-year-old Cameron Diaz, who managed in one year to earn as much as $ 50 million. Huge fees brought her films such as Once upon a time in Vegas", and also work on the dubbing of the cartoon "Shrek 3" and "Shrek and Christmas." The Cam to rest on our laurels is not going ahead role in the drama of nick Cassavetes 'My Sister's Keeper" and the fourth part of the "Shrek". Cameron is working hard, and it wasn't lost on the members of the Commission Hollywood, collecting stars for the walk of fame. Bronze star with name blue-eyed blondes will appear in the heart of Hollywood in 2009.The winner of first place in the ranking last year, Reese Witherspoon was only in fourth place with an honorarium of $ 25 million. It was ahead of 23-year-old British actress keira Knightley (32 million), the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the film "Atonement", for which she was nominated for an Oscar, and Jennifer aniston (27 million dollars).Angelina Jolie, which never cease to interpret the journalists, were in last place in the ranking. Читать полностью -->

Tsekalo has cancelled their wedding

Tsekalo has cancelled their wedding47-year-old Alexander Tsekalo stated that the celebrations on the occasion of his wedding is off.There will be no wedding! - confirmed its decision "TD" Alexander. - We lavish celebrations will not hold.CastleMore recently, Alexander's friends told me that they were invited to the celebration, to be held abroad. Lush event was intended as a compensation to the spouse of Vic - 24-year-old sister the blond soloist of "VIA gra" Vera Brezhnev - for a modest civil ceremony, which Tsekalo was holding a terrible secret.Like any girl, Victoria, for whom marriage to Alexander the first, since the childhood dreamed of a white dress and a sumptuous celebration, but for the sake of a loved one, believing his promises hot, made concessions.PriceAlas, now that's a dream girl and will remain dreams. Wedding in an ancient castle will not take place. Practical Alexander, apparently, has estimated how much it will cost to buy a similar celebration. If even an ordinary wedding with master of ceremonies and accordion in a nearby restaurant are expensive, it is possible to rent the castle and aircraft for 100 guests the price is generally exorbitant. Читать полностью -->

Matthew McConaughey will sell photos son for $3 million

Matthew McConaughey will sell photos son for $3 millionBebibum in Hollywood has caused a huge flow of news and discussion on "allababidi" theme: as the stars return to form after birth, why compete in original chosen names and, of course, there are many pictures of famous babies.This week with the replenishment we congratulated two famous families: Nicole Kidman's daughter was born, Matthew McConaughey - son. Today there are details about the child of this beloved actor.As reported by portal That McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves decided to sell the exclusive right to publish the first photos of the baby to the magazine "OK!". Soon born Monday night in a clinic in Los Angeles small levy will appear on the pages of the publication, for which the happy parents will receive a check for $3 million.In addition, the agreement includes the right to publish family photos from the first boy's Christmas, as well as an exclusive opportunity to shoot the wedding of Matthew and Camiele, whenever it took place. Source: Matthew McConaughey will sell photos son for $3 million. . . Читать полностью -->

Champion Sofia lukianchuk committed suicide

Champion Sofia lukianchuk committed suicideGold medalist, champion of the Irkutsk region in archery the beast lukianchuk hanged on the belt at his parents ' house. Brilliantly finished school, she enrolled in one of the universities of Novosibirsk, and looking forward to the beginning of the school year.Neither the headmaster nor the coach, nor schoolmates can't understand how such a purposeful and loving life she could commit suicide, says MP.According to one version of law enforcement bodies, suicidal thoughts came to her mind because of the overuse of the emo subculture. The father of the lost girl insists on initiating a criminal case under article "incitement to suicide", but, realizing that the ideologists of the emo movement in this article are unlikely to attract, he intends to seek changes in the law on extremism."Emo kids there has been a pronounced depressive symptoms, the psychiatrist notes Elena Skibo, - but whether it's the impact of this subculture. They are comfortable in black and pink colors, they like depressive music. As for the sites on which they communicate, this is due to the reaction of the group, or role model. They play with death, cut their hands, but mostly it's all demonstrative-blackmailing attempts. Читать полностью -->

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