Lesbian antics of the stars

Lesbian antics of the stars Summer hit American pop singer singer Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl, recognized another "hymn of bisexuality", the second week is the top music charts.Meanwhile the stars of show business are increasingly recognized in lesbian inclinations and kissing mistresses in public.Sexy pop diva sings about lesbian kisses and tender embrace girls. "We girls are such magical/Soft skin, red lips, so want to kiss it" - Katie purrs. And although the star is desperately trying to distance itself from the label "lesbian", the ubiquitous paparazzi still caught the singer kissing his fan jenna Buhmann during a concert in Washington, writes The Sun.However, Katie's not the first one who likes "fun" with girls - the stars of show business are increasingly recognized in his homosexuality and kissing with lovers in public... I guess, if this is where the real love, where another publicity stunt.The most honest and memorable lesbian kissing in public is undoubtedly recognized as a "feat" Madonna at the awards ceremony MTV Awards in 2003. Then pop Queen French kissed her pop heiress Britney Spears. However, a 50 years old woman Madonna have something to show to the world.Recall that in may this year, speaking at a private concert in Paris concert hall "Olympia" star exclaimed: "I always liked to work with French kissing French with the French. Читать полностью -->

Zemfira may lose their hearing

Zemfira may lose their hearingOne of the most controversial singers of Russian stage Zemfira admitted to the hospital with otitis media. The doctors are doing everything to star the rock scene not lost her hearing.In the clinic, a 32-year-old Mrs. Ramazanova turned in on Friday. Bypassing the emergency Department, SEMA quickly rose in the ENT Department, where she was waiting for the doctors. Zemfira complained of unbearable throbbing pain in the left ear and constant chills. Surveying the singer, the doctors and was diagnosed with otitis media".- The disease was clearly running, said LIFE.RU doctor clinic. Читать полностью -->

Unknown gave Putin on birthday tigress

Unknown gave Putin on birthday tigressVladimir Putin on the 56th birthday someone gave 2-month-old Ussuri tiger. On Thursday night, the Prime Minister showed it to journalists at his country residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.Showing tigress was a surprise. Before entering the living room, the Prime Minister asked members of the press "no noise, no thunder and no squeal." "It's just a gift for you. Come," Putin said.Seeing the cub, reporters immediately began to stroke him. According to First channel, to the surprise of those present near a specialist veterinarian, tiger "behaved like a model, willingly posed in front of cameras and have never growled". Vladimir Putin, however, reminded the guests that it's still a predator and communicate with him should be very careful.On the question of the journalist of NTV, whose present, Putin replied: "Well, what's the difference? Most importantly, it will live in normal conditions. Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell strips for Vogue magazine

Naomi Campbell strips for Vogue magazine Italian Vogue magazine decided to dedicate his new room exclusively black models.Renowned photographer Steven Meisel( Steven Meisel ) for this number created a luxurious photo shoot under nazneem "There's only one Naomi" the main character of which was the famous black model Naomi Campbell ( Naomi Campbell). Source: Naomi Campbell stripped for Vogue magazine (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Basque hides a serious illness

Basque hides a serious illnessNikolay Baskov first year on the big stage, and colleagues say the cheerful actor on the stage no. Few people know that sometimes cheerful smile tenor labored and he sings through terrible pain.The reason for that hypertensive crises, which, as it turned out, tortured artist since early childhood. Know about the serious illness a few units, but he sings through the pain for many years.When blood pressure is increased, especially hard to reach those high notes, any doctor will say about it in the first place. How many high notes tenor took his life, we can only guess. Experts say that with this disease you must always carry a special device to measure the pressure tonometer, but Basque behaves like a grown child, and perhaps as a man who will never be aloud to talk about their problems. Nicholas cope with the pain with pills strong. Читать полностью -->

Crazy Amy Winehouse thrown in the machine

Crazy Amy Winehouse thrown in the machine After discharge from the hospital scandalous singer began to rush on machine right in the middle of the roadway.For some five minutes, Amy Winehouse showed the madness in all its glory.She managed to sit down at the fallen cigarette which, as is known, quickly if raised, is not considered fallen.Amy attacked a red convertible with two girls. What caused Amy to jump on the car is unknown. It is not excluded that reason, actually, was not.The singer was discharged from the hospital in London where she was last week.Amy was diagnosed with emphysema at an early stage.But she seems not to interfere - even standing on the porch of the hospital, Amy with obvious pleasure was Smoking in the face of death and gathered near the paparazzi. Source: Crazy Amy Winehouse thrown in the machine (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

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