Widow of Michael Circle identified the murderer of her husband

Widow of Michael Circle identified the murderer of her husbandThe widow of a famous singer Michael Krug Irina has identified the man who killed her husband. However, it was not enough to start an investigation.In late February, the media reported that the Investigative Committee is ready to solve the mystery of the murder of singer Michael Krug. The Prosecutor's office so long to comment on this rumor that the mother of the famous singer has made a request. July 15, Zoya Petrovna received a response. A letter to the journalists showed the sister Circle Olga Medvedeva. It partially lifted the veil on a mysterious murder.In November 2002 the Prosecutor's office of Maksatikha (Tver region) has opened a criminal case against Alexander Ageyev. Читать полностью -->

Candid shots and shocking interview Kate moss

Candid shots and shocking interview Kate moss Supermodel Kate moss, who became the last icon of a bygone era "exhausted beauty" and "heroin chic", has posed naked for the magazine, Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol.In an exclusive interview with the most stylish celebrity in the world spoke about their sexual experiences, anorexia and breast implants, writes The Sun.The face of Kate moss appeared on the covers of all fashion magazines of the world. 34-year-old model is one of the ten legendary models that have influenced the course of fashion history in General and the standards catwalk beauty in particular.According to a sex symbol, woman after 30 is much better in bed than sex: "I think so," says moss, " because we already have the experience." Arguing about the difference between men and women, Kate said: "men are the real devils and the real bastards"."The first thing I pay attention, looking at the guy - it's his gas and his lips, but the first thing that I notice, looking at the woman's Tits, just like a man," says top model. - I believe that breast implants are awful. A lot of my girlfriends "drugged" her Breasts - I think they are absolutely wrong. Besides, insert the breast implants are unsafe, so one of my friends after surgery Boobs began to grow as the giant peach, and the blood ceased to surge to the nipples. And another of my friend Breasts moved down on the shoulder, so one boob she was normal, and the second was upstairs, right at the clavicle. Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell scandal in Moscow hotel

Naomi Campbell scandal in Moscow hotelNaomi Campbell wouldn't be herself if her trip to Moscow passed quietly and peacefully.As we reported, the supermodel arrived in Moscow a few days ago to see her lover - millionerom Vladislav Doronin. She stayed in the presidential Suite in a luxury hotel on Tverskaya street, is reminiscent of the London Daily Mail. In the afternoon a couple of fun, Naomi spoke with Metropolitan crowd, Doronin was sure that everything was within decent. Night lovers, of course, spent in the room together. The result of this active pastime became singed silk underwear, which found the staff at the check-out guest.Silk sheets, indicative of the newspaper "Your day", were burned or cigarettes, or candles, your favorite "black Panther". The hotel representatives has asked its administrators to pay the fine for destruction of property - 10 thousand rubles. Читать полностью -->

Career Zavorotniuk destroyed

Career Zavorotniuk destroyedThe star of the series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk fallen on hard times.After parting with Sergey Zhigunov, which also supported the woman and did everything that she was in demand actress, Nastia is very difficult to prove their capabilities.Another blow to the ego Zavorotnyuk was that picture of the "Ideal woman" in which she played the title role, took in the rental.PictureZavorotnyuk in the family Comedy hasn't departed from its core roles and played a hairdresser Lyubasha, who falls in love with a wealthy man. After the success of the series about a naive Ukrainian maiden the producers had hoped that the "nanny" will be good for a big movie. But all has appeared not so simply.Released "the Apocalypse Code" immediately dubbed "pathetic fake James bond". And work on the new film "Imperfect woman", which was released in theaters, ended in great scandal. The rental company just didn't want to spend money on painting, inferior to the serial alamelu.Primarily distributors was confused by the game's main heroine.- The distributors to us and said that the movie is too typical of soap operas, said LIFE.RU assistant Director. - They are especially confused by the fact that Zavorotniuk plays just like in the TV series "My fair nanny". Читать полностью -->

Inappropriate behavior Zemfira

Inappropriate behavior ZemfiraOn Saturday in a multimedia store "Mood!" TC "Tishinka" held an autograph session singer Zemfira, which were invited in advance admirers of the singer and members of the media.However, when a large number of press, photo and video cameras barely appeared in the hall, the singer announced to the organizers that it would not communicate with journalists and will not be released to the fans, while all media representatives will not disperse, then turned and walked away.The journalists were told that the press will admit to following the autograph session Zemfira, which will take place in the shop "M. Video" shopping complex "Belaya Dacha", if the singer won't change my mind, said "Газета.GZT.RU".As they say "Paparazzi", deprived fans and wordsmiths their attention, the singer went into one of the streets in the neighborhood, "Tver", where together with his Manager Nadezhda Bobrova was to wait at the entrance of Renata Litvinova. Picking up a friend, Zemfira took her to his old house on Frunze embankment. Why?At least, to compose such an appeal to the visitors of your site:"Good night! Although, if you think that it is good. The appearance of this text for several reasons. First: not held a press conference in the shop "Mood". Читать полностью -->

Kate moss got naked for Interview magazine

Kate moss got naked for Interview magazine British top model Kate moss became the main heroine of the September issue of Interview Magazine, a special magazine about celebrities, which was founded by Andy Warhol.Photography Kate for Interview Magazine September 2008 held a photographic Duo MERT and Marcus.The editors of Interview Magazine has named Kate moss last "supermodel" which ended the era of the first "star" of the supermodels, and marked the beginning of a new era.In an interview with Kate, incidentally, told me that a kiss, which she will remember all her life, gave her a Frank Sinatra.This happened in 1995, when Kate was 21 years old. In that memorable model for an evening of Sinatra celebrated its 80th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary of the actor gave in Hollywood big party. Then Kate met with johnny Depp, and the pair came together for the celebration of the birth of legendary stars.Although Depp is famous for its revnost and a hot temper, Sinatra found a way to get rid of him and spend time with Kate. Here is what about this Kate herself: "Despite his age, his blue eyes still sparkled and were full of enthusiasm and fire. I sat and smoked a cigarette when he noticed me and went straight to my table. Читать полностью -->

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