O j Simpson found guilty in robbery

O j Simpson found guilty in robberyA jury in Las Vegas (Nevada) recognized a former American athlete O J. Simpson guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping.The verdict was announced late Friday night (Saturday morning GMT) in the court of Clark County in Nevada, reports ITAR-TASS.The jury after more than 13 hours of meetings recognized a former athlete guilty on all 12 charges, including armed robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit robbery and kidnapping. Now he faces life imprisonment.In 1994 on the court for the murder of his wife Nicole brown and her friend Ronald Goldman, Simpson was acquitted. The process was very loud, and judge Jackie Gläß at the beginning of this process, specially indicated to the jury were not included people who believe that the athlete then escaped punishment, and should be responsible for murder now.On 3 September last year "faded star" College football Simpson together with some friends broke into a hotel room in Las Vegas to the collector of sports trophies and grabbed belonged to him earlier cups. The collector claims that Simpson and his pals took over sports awards, threatening him with a revolver.In November during the preliminary hearing Simpson refused to plead guilty on all 12 counts. Source: O j Simpson found guilty in robbery. Читать полностью -->

Mack broke his leg guard

Mack broke his leg guardThe accident happened with the guard of the singer Maksim during a tour in the capital of Kazakhstan. Swimming at night with her in the pool, bodyguard slipped so badly that he broke his leg.Immediately after the concert of the singer Maksim, which was held in Astana, the team flew back to Moscow. The singer, along with friend Alex and the guard moved to Alma-ATA, where two days later she was scheduled for the next concert.While Kazakhstan holidays with Maksim friends went to the skating rink "Medeo", climbed the famous mountain Kok-Tobe, try the national dish. In the evenings the singer one by one mastered the local pools. Here's the injured security guard. In the local hospital, he was put in plaster, and at the concert he walked with a cane, limping, according to the newspaper "Your day". Читать полностью -->

Artists will reduce the palaces to bird houses

Artists will reduce the palaces to bird housesBritish Duo artists London Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist and Joe Joelson) in September 2008 will open in Kent the project "Super Kingdom" ("Supercorrexpo").Three house for birds and animals, inspired by the palaces of dictators of the twentieth century - Stalin, Ceausescu and Mussolini. About this newspaper The Guardian.The houses will be built in Kingswood (King's Wood Forest) near village of Challock (Challock) in the center of the County. Near Supercoolscan" cameras will be installed, and if the animals really wants to stay in the houses, in a year London Fieldworks promise to release a video about the forest dwellers in this artificial "continuation of the urban reality".The project, according to its creators, should reflect how the habitat of the animals because of the human factor, for example, the extension of the neighbouring Cellcom town of Ashford (Ashford). Source: Artists will reduce the palaces to bird houses. . . Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske left the capital

Zhanna Friske left the capitalZhanna Friske went on summer vacation. According to the tradition of your holiday, the singer will hold in Bali."Jeanne is where a lot of resting, but often prefers Bali is her outlet, a place, after which she comes to really relaxed," said the press attache of the singer.However, Ms. Friske have to interrupt your vacation for a couple of days she will fly to the concert in Los Angeles, and then back again to Bali. In late August, Jeanne will return to Moscow, from 1 September to immerse themselves in the work, according to InterMedia. Source: Zhanna Friske left the capital. . Читать полностью -->

In Turkey found another giant Roman statue

In Turkey found another giant Roman statueFragments of a giant marble statue of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was found by archaeologists at the site of the ancient city of Sagalassos in the mountains in southern Turkey.So far from the earth dug out the head, right arm and lower legs of the Emperor, located in the biggest room of the Roman baths of Sagalassos.Marcus Aurelius was one of the so-called "five good emperors". Actor Richard Harris played him won an Oscar film, 2000's "Gladiator.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Between Galkin and his tour Manager scandal

Between Galkin and his tour Manager scandalThe scandal between the best actor of an original genre of our country Maxim Galkin and his tour Manager Victor Shulman three months ago, recently received a new twist.As it became known LIFE.RU past weekend, Maxim secretly went to Berlin with a performance at the corporate gig. But there he was for some time a persona non grata - a tour in Germany he is banned.However, on this trip, Maxim decided to kill two birds with one stone. The day after his speech at the seventh Russian-German ball at the Embassy of the Russian Federation Maxim has met with the new event managers to agree on a future tour in his beloved country.TourRecall that the humorist Maxim Galkin ripped off 20 of their concerts in German cities. The enterprising artist took advance payment, has canceled all performances. First, Maxim claimed that he had no work visa and he, as a law-abiding citizen, cannot act in a foreign country without the necessary documents. But this is a valid statement, the organizers of the concert sent to Maxim paper, which clearly says that for three months Galkin can play in Europe. Читать полностью -->

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