Pugacheva admitted that he had `seven years` married Galkin

Pugacheva admitted that he had `seven years` married GalkinAlla Pugacheva at the contest "New wave" stirs interest in their own personal lives not only in interviews, but on stage. No sooner had the Diva to admit that already seven years as" married Galkin, again turned into a bride.At least joint with Galkin song "bad weather Between us" Alla Borisovna was singing in a white dress. In the hands of the singer was the bouquet of the bride. Maxim Galkin is also dressed in white attire. The couple made such an impression on the audience that was seated in the jury Basque broke down and cried, "Kiss!". . Читать полностью -->

Died people's artist of Russia Gennady Crankin

Died people's artist of Russia Gennady Crankin72-year-old died people's artist of Russia, actor of the Central academic theatre of the Russian Army Gennady Yakovlevich Crankin.Almost all of the creative biography of Gennady Yakovlevich is inextricably linked with the stage of the theatre of the Russian Army. Krinkin was a pupil of Maria Iosifovna Knebel, Anatoly Vasilievich Efros and Anna Alexeyevna Nekrasova. After graduating from the Studio at the Central children's theatre, he spent two seasons in the theater "Contemporary", and in 1963 came to the Theater Army, which became his "creative home" for life.On stage CATRA Rinkinys created a gallery of unforgettable roles, many of which entered the history of Russian theatre. This Russian artist with a powerful natural temperament, he was still bright and convincing, as in the heroic and in a very distinctive roles. The decoration of the stage were such brilliant works of Gennady Yakovlevich, as Marat ("My poor Marat" by A. Arbuzov), Vaskov ("the dawns here are quiet" B. Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom has proposed to his girlfriend

Orlando bloom has proposed to his girlfriendLast week some sources have reported that British actor Orlando bloom and his girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr broke up (the reason was that the girl was seen at dinner with her former boyfriend).But today it became known that the star couple is not only still happy together, it was going to be married - it turns out that the proposal bloom did last week (and of course, have obtained the consent)."Orlando goes on her mind! They plan a Buddhist ceremony brakosochetania looking apartments in new York, where they could live after the wedding..." - told the press, one of my friends bloom and Miranda.Well, it is not surprising that Miranda had gotten one of the most enviable grooms of show business as we know, a supermodel can do it all! Source: Orlando bloom has proposed to his girlfriend. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Aleksandr Zhulin rented an apartment with a 23-year-old sweetheart

Aleksandr Zhulin rented an apartment with a 23-year-old sweetheartHusband of Olympic champion Tatyana grooves, a well-known coach Alexander Zhulin moved into a rented apartment together with 23-year-old sweetheart.Alexander and Tatiana are still married, however, long rumored that the love connection between them. Said Navka allegedly having an affair with the actor and partner in the show "Stars on ice" Marat Basharov. Not far behind her and Alexander Zhulin.According to "Your day", a novel 45-year-old coach with a young girlfriend Natalia Mikhailova lasts for six months, and recently the lovers began to live under the same roof.Love Zhulin spends with a young lady days and nights. So, on Wednesday, the blonde and the coach went to dinner at one of the famous restaurants of the capital. After a hearty meal lovers Alexander and Natalia hugged and went into the common home. Source: Alexander Zhulin rented an apartment with a 23-year-old sweetheart. Читать полностью -->

Albina dzhanabaeva is leaving `VIA gra`

Albina dzhanabaeva is leaving `VIA gra`The most famous female pop group in the post-Soviet space again "stormy". No sooner had the producers of "VIA gra" get over after the departure of Vera Brezhneva as wards has prepared a new surprise.Albina dzhanabaeva is the only one of the former members of the group - also goes into a solo voyage. Until his departure she had not officially reported, and therefore, the contract with the producers of the Ukrainian trio unbroken. But it is only a matter of time, the newspaper "Life".- We've all been through it, " says ex-soloist of "VIA gra" Hope Meyher (Granovsky). Is a difficult decision, but that is logical, natural outcome. We cannot endlessly be one third part of something, I want to be an independent artist. Читать полностью -->

David Beckham has justified the value of their dignity

David Beckham has justified the value of their dignityIn promotional shots, where the player posing in underwear from Armani, all natural:Beckham in briefs not stuffed nor socks, nor any of the other rags.Moreover, the dignity of the stars was not digitally enhanced, officially declared fan of the stars football club LA Galaxy after they together visited the restroom, writes The Sun.Recall that in the new ad for Armani underwear is the most famous footballer in the world and an exemplary family man David Beckham has demonstrated its "value". Hundreds of football fans went absolutely crazy when at the end of June a huge poster of half-naked idol was deployed on the Mall Macy's in San Francisco.To participate in the advertising campaign of Emporio Armani David hid all their dignity in the pants that seem too narrow for such a handsome man. Other advertising photos of the 33-year-old star football club LA Galaxy poses on the beach in Malibu California. After these pictures in the tabloids rumors, though the creation of such a racy photographs not without photoshop. So before enthusiastic fans of Bex had to believe the words of his wife, Victoria.Australian DJ Kyle Sandilands expressed his opinion about the size of David: "I was Once in the toilet of a nightclub Villa in Los Angeles. There are only two urinals - it is very small. Читать полностью -->

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