`Wedding` gossip around Pugacheva and Galkin

`Wedding` gossip around Pugacheva and GalkinAfter the festival "New wave" about the relationship of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin started talking with a new force.The Diva herself admitted in her marriage with comedian, acted together with him in a white dress, then suddenly began to appear the rumors about a gorgeous engagement ring, given to the singer in love.The heroes of this story with a sense of humor are raised around their names hype. As it turned out, quite quietly to "wedding" gossip relates and the ex-husband Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov."But I have not boasting, I just heard the same as you," said the singer on radio "Mayak". And, in fact, very happy that this gorgeous woman had, perhaps, already such an expensive ring.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez married again

Jennifer Lopez married againAfter four and a bit years after the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony newly married, before repeating the altar vows to love each other in sickness and in health.What inspired them to take this step, it is not known, but the night before they held at Pure nightclub. Surely drank too many?:) And, maybe, a pre-planned? According to the insider, Anthony said the couple came to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday - that was a month ago.:) Whatever it was, and I ended up with a wedding ceremony. It was held in the penthouse of Caesars Palace's Forum Tower at 3: 15 Sunday night. In addition to the spouses attended only two of their friends and, of course, the priest is the father of Steven Smith. The hotel representative confirmed to People this information. But an unnamed source added the following:"It all happened spontaneously. Читать полностью -->

Mystery of the end of the project `Home-2`

Mystery of the end of the project `Home-2`Longest-running reality show on national television remained quite "a bit". One of the former members of the show "Dom-2" has informed that the contract which is signed by each member, specify the year of completion of the project.Closing time "telestroyki" coincides with the anticipated date for the end of the world 2011, the newspaper "Your day".As you know, the main slogan of the project - "Build your love", the task is to form a couple. The main prize of TV claimed a house in the suburbs of Moscow, built on a plan of organizers of the program, the participants themselves during the existence of the show. The house should be drawn at the closing of the project among the couples formed during the game, by a vote of viewers.Hosts of the show - Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Borodina. Ten of sezonov the project involved over 500 young people of different ages, nationalities and religions. Three couples were officially married, one of them is already married, with your child, marks RIA "news" .Three more participants of the project went to jail, and the two crimes are linked to real estate activities. Читать полностью -->

The prequel to `Harry Potter` breaks sales records

The prequel to `Harry Potter` breaks sales recordsThe collection contains a small work of an author of books about Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, became the fastest-selling short story collection in the history of the UK."What's your story?" - the so-called small volume in which published 13 small stories written by various writers on the postcards, reports the BBC.The first day it sold 10 thousand copies of the book, where readers can read the backstory of Harry Potter, as the hero entered the school of wizards of Hogwarts, consisting of only 800 words.The idea for this publication came up with the organizers of a kind charity auction, bookselling company Waterstone's Booksellers who distributed small cards 13 writers to write them a story.In addition to Joanna Rowling, the action was attended by such famous writers as playwright Tom Stoppard, Nobel laureate 2007, Doris Lessing, winner of the Booker prize Margaret AtwoodRecall that the auction itself, which 48800 dollars was sold a prequel to the cycle of novels about the "Harry Potter", was held on 10 June in London. The funds transferred to the British PEN club and charitable Foundation, dealing with the problems of dyslexia. Source: the Prequel to "Harry Potter" breaks sales records. . Читать полностью -->

Johnny Depp has hit fans with a new role

Johnny Depp has hit fans with a new roleOne of the most popular actors of the world johnny Depp surprised his fans with his new role.In the last days of August in Florida johnny gave a concert as part of a group The Kids, which was the starting point for the novice actor. However, to take the guitar Depp decided not for glory but for a good cause: all money from ticket sales went to charity, writes The Daily Mail.Depp has teamed up with old comrades, to perform at the concert in memory of Sheila Witkin, the patron Saint of rock music in South Florida, the club Cinema. Fans of the actor had to wait until evening to find out for sure whether released Depp on stage. However, the idol did not disappoint them - as a result, his speech was accompanied by enthusiastic shouts and applause all stuffed full of the hall.First interested in music Depp in Owensboro, when he at the age of 15, attended Church with his uncle. Florida mother gave Depp a guitar on which he learned to play. He soon joined The Kids, who played at Florida Nightclubs. Читать полностью -->

Thekla Thick will be a contestant on `Dancing on ice`

Thekla Thick will be a contestant on `Dancing on ice`The famous host the Fyokla Tolstaya will be a contestant on "Dancing on ice", which starts soon on the channel "Russia".To participate in the show "Dancing on ice" Fekla Tolstaya agreed was one of the first. For two weeks she fulfills daily complex elements of figure skating and gets real pleasure from this. I must say that the presenter kept on ice with dignity - within two weeks she was working hard preparing for the project. Sometimes workouts end at midnight, but it absolutely does not burden the Thekla.- I'm not one of those people for whom happiness is lying on the couch and get fat, " the girl replied. Source: Fekla Tolstaya will be a contestant on "Dancing on ice"". . Читать полностью -->

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