Jessica Alba has sold photos of daughter for $1.5 million

Jessica Alba has sold photos of daughter for $1.5 millionThe amount that OK! paid for photos daughter Alba is small in comparison to how much demand for pictures of their kids other stars.For example, Matthew McConaughey sold photographs of her son to the same magazine OK! for $ 3 million, and twins Jennifer Lopez has cost People magazine 6 million.Jessica Alba pose for the cover of OK magazine! together with her newborn daughter. As it became known, the first photo of the baby, the actress sold the magazine for $ 1.5 million. It is reported ФАКТNEWS.One of the reasons why famous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, not once admitting one of the most beautiful women in the world, he named his daughter Honore (translated as "glory, honor, pride"), herself a young mother believes the desire from the outset to allocate the daughter from the crowd."I never liked my name," admits the 27-year-old star of films "sin City" and "Fantastic four." - In 80-ies in each school was a million jessic. I all life dreamed to have a unique name. It's part of the personality".May 19, Jessica Alba, she married her lover, the producer Cache Warren. A few weeks after Jess gave birth to her first child - a girl named honor Marie.A young father who met with the actress in the 2005 film "Fantastic four", says he "still can't believe that the girl lived inside Jessica". Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan had a lesbian affair with the heir Yahoo

Lindsay Lohan had a lesbian affair with the heir YahooApparently, the brawler Lindsay refused to cover their delicate relationship with British DJ Samantha Ronson, so a month ago, the star has confessed to his sexual orientation.But, interestingly, Samantha is not the first homosexual love actress.The official announcement was made several months after beauty Lindsay was seen in the company of an open lesbian, the daughter of the boss of Yahoo and searing brunette Courtney Semel, writes The News Of The World."Everyone thinks Samantha is the first lesbian relationship Lindsay, however, we were very close, until we are parted her fear of exposure. At the time she was very worried that if their sexual orientation becomes known, her career will be over. However, as soon as Samantha came on the scene, I was immediately dropped," complained Courtney to your friends.25-year-old Courtney revealed that she visited a friend of Lindsay:- slept with men to suppress their homosexual tendencies and hide them from the public;- hooked on alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances due to the constant pressure of living a double life;- lived in a love triangle between two womenAs explained friend Courtney, the girls met in the summer of 2006 at a party in Malibu. "From the beginning, Lindsay was very shy about their feelings for Courtney, so she drank more and more drugs to suppress sexual desire," says the source. But in the end she scored on it, and every party they kissed and fondled each other in the corner. It's a miracle that no one noticed! In the toilet they were snorting line of cocaine, went home and fell asleep together in the same bed".Throughout the year before non-traditional couple was hiding, until the star of "Crazy racing" and "mean girls" undergoing rehabilitation at the clinic and met with a man as a "disguise". Читать полностью -->

British stars of the 80s will be sent to plastic surgeons

British stars of the 80s will be sent to plastic surgeonsBritish stars of pop music 1980-ies will go to plastic surgeons to participate in a new TV show, writes in the Sunday newspaper the News of the World.The members of the group Bucks Fizz, Dollar, 911, Shakatak, Visage and Cleopatra will need to undergo a facelift and breast, rhinoplasty, Botox injections and liposuction, before they will perform in the show on TV channel Living TV. The transfer will be called Pop Goes The Band."They last very long out in the limelight and aged. Artists ready to be under fire for what go under the knife, but the changes are incredible. This is their chance to return to the stage", - told the newspaper one of the sources at the network.As recalled by The News of the World, at his peak group represented the UK in the Eurovision song contest and all together have sold more than 30 million albums. Source: British stars of the 80s will be sent to plastic surgeons. . Читать полностью -->

Named the best movies of all times and peoples

Named the best movies of all times and peoplesThe British film Institute compiled a list of movies that you want to convey to future generations.In a prepared survey kupasi figures of British cinema, film critics and film stars the hit rating and three Soviet film "Ivan the terrible", "Stalker" and "the Sacrifice". In General, the list (in chronological order) as follows:1. "Metrolist" / Metropolis, 19272. "Atalanta" / L´Atalante, 19343. "The wizard of Oz / The Wizard of Oz, 19394. "Ivan the terrible", 19445. Читать полностью -->

Valerie got sick in the fashion industry

Valerie got sick in the fashion industryFamous singer Valeria, by leaps and bounds mastering Western pop vastness, became ill on the display of a collection of Gaultier in Paris.Arriving a couple of days on vacation in Paris, "Russian Madonna" had to leave with a showing of the legendary couturier because of poor health.The restSince summer is in full swing, this time Valeria decided time in vain not to lose and for the first time in a long time to spend vacation for yourself and your family. Arranging a trip to Europe with her husband Joseph Prigogine and children, the artist decided to escape for two days and to attend a screening of trendsetter Jean-Paul Gaultier in his House."We came to Paris especially for the show of Jean Paul Gaultier - confessed "TD" happy Valeria.However, visiting such a Grand event was marred emergency.HealthAs found "Z", because the beginning of the show was delayed for an hour in a small room very quickly became unbearably stuffy. Right in the midst of all the events of the famous actress abruptly became ill and had to leave the party. Despite the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier is invited Russian star on exclusive presentation of the new collection, which is all the fashion weeks will take place only after a year, Valerie and failed to return to the hall. Enjoy socializing with international stars, such as the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, she also failed. Source: Valerie became ill on the fashion industry. Читать полностью -->

The group `Mumiy Troll` has released a new album

The group `Mumiy Troll` has released a new albumA year after the album "AMBA" group "mummies the Troll" has released a new album entitled "VIII", as well as the eighth.Music critic Artemy Troitsky called it "the best Russian rock album since last record "Cinema". What surprises can we expect from the latest release of Ilya Lagutenko tell Days.Ru.Ten years of searchingWhen 11 years ago, "Mumiy Troll" appeared on the music scene with "Sea"(the third album), they did not even realize: who are these guys from Vladivostok, almost thirty years and no one has an unknown? The album sold out reluctantly, and only by 1998 year, the rumour reached the ears of fans of rock ' n ' roll. Arrived and is safely misinterpreted because relaxed British rhythm and symbolist scheme of Bach "the Seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull" were unusual for the hearing of the rockers. Amid songs about suicide "Little girl", cinematic guitar beat "Star called Sun" and primitive drum parts, ingenuity far departed from the sound of a metronome, symbiosis gangster romance, fairy-tale motifs and non-aggressive sound schemes seemed totally alien. Far Eastern meowing vocals Lagutenko and even more so different from the voices of depressive and gurnevich musicians, at that time considered to be the quintessence of Russian rock.In other words, in line with the St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg creators, twenty years proudly wearing the title of the underground, "Mumiy Troll" was impossible to supply, as well as other genres besides rock and pop music, in Russia did not exist then, Pacific boys immediately pushed to the second. Читать полностью -->

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