In Russia will film a new series about Sherlock Holmes

In Russia will film a new series about Sherlock HolmesIn Russia will film a new series about Sherlock Holmes. The project will 16 100-minute films, each of which will be filmed by different Directors.Senior project Director Oleg Pogodin said, "the new Holmes" will copy the "livanovskiy": "Film Maslennikova built on the charisma of the characters, in my main movie will be a suspense. In order not to reduce the degree of drama, from the movies will be removed "spiritual" character of Mrs. Hudson. And the legendary detective on the screen will inject morphine, fall in love and suffer from nightmares.The producers of the new series is still undecided with actors that will help to recreate legendary images of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, once created in Russia by Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin. Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a man

Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a manA brawler and a drug addict Amy Winehouse once again struggles with men. After drinking in a London pub Dublin Castle a few glasses of tequila, drunken soul-diva beat up his neighbor at the bar, writes The Sun.Told victim - a 29-year-old salesman Wayne Lindsay, the singer suddenly turned around three times and hit the stranger in the face, and the man never said anything to the singer and never touched her, so her behavior was not provoked. The guards hurried to help Amy, but saw that Wayne's not my fault. "I couldn't believe it," he said. She was furious, just furious. It was as if she had voices in my head".However, releasing aggression, Amy began to calm down. Читать полностью -->

Stars naked for the sake of improving the world

Stars naked for the sake of improving the world All professionals in the field of advertising has long been known that a naked body is the best way to raise the hype around the product or problem.Public people, porn actress and stars of show business are willing to publicly demonstrate their naked charms to the world became a better place.So, last week, to attract the attention of consumers to the use of plastic packaging, undressed employee of cosmetics company Lush in Berlin, writes The Sun.Last year one of the most popular Playboy models Holly Madison literally stood chest to protect our little brothers naked for the advertising campaign of PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals). But star XXX movies Jenna Jameson appeared Nude on posters promoting safe sex Pets - cats and dogs.Former "Miss great Britain" and now a glamour model Danielle Lloyd at the time he paid the crown and title of Queen of beauty for candid shots in Playboy magazine. However, to be naked for the public good for the girl is not a problem: she appeared completely Nude in advertising charitable Foundation Linda Maccarini that helps women with breast cancer.The star of "Buffy" Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in public almost in the buff to raise money for the American Association Coalition of Skin Diseases. Candid photo was sold on eBay earlier in the year and helped the actress to raise thousands of pounds for charity.American R&B diva Jamelia used his gorgeous body, to participate in antimirova PETA campaign: on naked dark-skinned beauty back peacefully situated white rabbit. "I think if you have heart, then you're not going to wear fur," said the singer.Scandalous heiress Hilton also no stranger to the desire to participate in the charity event. Last year Paris Hilton showed her naked body, covered only in gold paint, in advertising its own brand of champagne RICH Prosecco. Читать полностью -->

Famous racing got under MAZ

Famous racing got under MAZIn the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy in the accident died tragically famous racecar driver, organizer of street racing Night Racing Andrey Ovchinnikov.Experienced racing driver lost control on a slippery road from a rain. His car passed into the oncoming lane under the wheels of a truck "MAZ". It happened near Lyubertsy, near the village of Nekrasovka. According to traffic police, the chances of survival weren't - too much speed, the car was a well-known Russian racer.Andrey Ovchinnikov was considered the main Moscow street racers and the most famous racer of Russia. He is the founder clubs of street racers.In 2004 Andrey Ovchinnikov took part in the filming of "Uncontrollable drift" Director George Shengelia. As told by his friends, Andrew was so fascinated by the process that he was being teased by the assistant Director. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow there will be a fountain in honor of Yelena Isinbayeva

In Moscow there will be a fountain in honor of Yelena IsinbayevaThe city authorities have decided to perpetuate the achievements of the jumper with a pole Elena Isinbaeva, who won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing with a world record.In the framework of the project "Olympic fountains" fountain will appear at the cinema "Height" in honor of the Olympic victory Isinbayeva. It will be officially opened in the city Day, September 6.This will be the most unusual fountain that's emerged in the area over the past five years. In addition, it has been decided that four fountains in the Lefortovo district will be named Champions wrestling Greco-Roman style. The names of Olympic Champions Islambek Albiyev, Nazir mankieva, Aslanbek Hushtova and Hassan Baroyev labelled fountains on Aviamotornaya street. Source: In Moscow there will be a fountain in honor of Yelena Isinbayeva. . Читать полностью -->

`Kinotavr-2008` cost the organizers $3.5 million

`Kinotavr-2008` cost the organizers $3.5 millionXIX open Russian film festival "Kinotavr", which started in Sochi on Saturday, it cost the organizers of 3.5 million. About it reported RBC General producer of the festival Igor Tolstunov.He noted that from year to year the budget of the film festival is growing."We do not pursue the purpose of profit. The festival "Kinotavr" is a non - profit event. The budget deficit of the festival covers the entire film industry. We hope that someday we all will return", - said Igor Tolstunov.The night before Sochi Winter theatre hosted the opening ceremony of "Kinotavr". As told to I. Читать полностью -->

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