The mistress of RГёnne wood brought him to a hospital bed

The mistress of RГёnne wood brought him to a hospital bedFrom this story got to the ears of the British Isles. And even former British colony winced a little.Guitarist of the legendary "time rolling" Ron wood (61 years old) met in a London bar waitress Katia Ivanova (18 years), who had recently arrived from Russia. And they passionately loved each other. At first sight, of course, is somewhere between the steak and desserts.That evening the lovers went to Ireland - where the small wood estate. What the couple was engaged for two weeks, no one knows.The newspaper claimed to love. And Katya, he says, all her friends already told me that she and Ron will marry soon. Читать полностью -->

The `Factory` froze in Altai

The `Factory` froze in AltaiWhen the "Factory" was invited to perform at a corporate gig in Siberia, the girls accepted the offer without hesitation. But in the Altai they expected trouble - subzero temperature.When the "Factory" together with "Boney M" arrived in Barnaul, overboard was minus seven degrees, and warming weather forecasters promised. The concert was performed in an open area, so Ira Toneev, Sati Casanova and Alexander Saveliev before going on stage wearing all the warm clothes that had brought.Bad weather, the mood did fabrikantok picky and demanding. Ira and Sati was not satisfied with the lighting, they requested one, the second spotlight. Sasha Savelyeva was not in good shape, and the concert was on the verge of failure. Then the organizers tried to save the event with the help of "Boney M".Despite the fact that the soloists of the legendary band born in a warm country, they were much Morozovskaya factory girls. Читать полностью -->

Carla Bruni will tell the truth about Sarkozy in the book

Carla Bruni will tell the truth about Sarkozy in the bookFamily life of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy will soon once again be in the spotlight. To be released book called "the True story of Carla and Nicolas".In numerous interviews presented in the book, France's first lady Carla Bruni says that he loved the President's first sight for its "lively mind" and appearance, writes The Independent. (The full text on the website to her he had made some impression on her first blind date, which Sarkozy has appointed a former top model shortly after his divorce from his wife Cecilia. "I've never met a nerd. It's not my style, "says Bruni," But he has a very lively mind"."I didn't expect to see such a lively and cheerful person," she said to the authors of the book, Valerie Benamou and Yves Azeroual. - I was deceived by his good looks, charm and wit.The book also describes the events of life Bruni, starting with her three-month affair with the President and their wedding in February.The authors of the future bestseller not paid attention to the rumors about a complicated relationship with Carla protege of the President - the Minister of justice of France Rashidi Dati. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton will plead with `the First channel`

Paris Hilton will plead with `the First channel`"The blonde in chocolate" is ready to have legal proceedings with the Russian humorists - Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander Tsekalo and Sergey Svetlakov.Upon learning that her name is being exploited in the show of the First channel "Steve wonder", the socialite said she was willing to go to extreme measures, the newspaper "Your day".Domestic "wags", apparently naively hoped that in the distant America, a 27-year-old heiress to the Empire hotels do not pay attention to Russian show, so he borrowed the name of the beauty, herself about not notifying.Perhaps Paris would still have been in pleasant ignorance, if not for the vigilance of her Russian fans. Devoted fan of Paris named Alain immediately sent to the address of the official of the press service of Hilton open letter detailing everything that is going on around the brand name of a socialite.However, on the First channel are confident that legal showdown they are not afraid. However, answering the question about the name of the show, even leading Alexander Tsekalo has not been able to formulate the meaning of ideas: "Well, I called to ask the audience and journalists. To add intrigue".However, as noted on the First channel, no iniquity here and does not smell: as you know, the diva's name is Paris, and in the name of the project refers to the "Paris". That's just the American or the European court might not understand these nuances of transcription."All rights to the popular brand "Paris Hilton" belong to the Paris - said the representative of miss Hilton. - We first hear that in Russia there is a similar program. Читать полностью -->

Nikolay Baskov will appear in public naked

Nikolay Baskov will appear in public nakedWe already wrote about that Nikolay Baskov in St. Petersburg shoots her new music video "the love boat". The biggest surprise of the video was not only the appearance on the set of the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya, but also the appearance Baskov.To the shooting he came tan and noticeably thinner. As it turned out, now Nicholas purposefully losing weight and autumn is preparing to show his new body right at the concert, writes's what tells himself about this tenor: "the Intrigue that I have a contract with the Corporation, which is engaged in the technology of rejuvenation, and to my solo gig in St. Petersburg on 1 November and I have to be young, weighing 75 kg, with a beautiful body. The concert will be a moment where I stand on the stage almost naked in a speedo".According to Baskov, consensus about how its better to undress in front of an audience, yet."I'll be either in a pool to jump or clothes "the wind will carry away, - shares his thoughts singer. Читать полностью -->

Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of Russia

Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of RussiaLegendary British rock band Deep Purple will go in the fall of 2008 on a big tour of Russian cities, which finishes with a Grand concert on the stage of the Olympic stadium on 27 October.As have informed RIA "news" the President of the promotion company "Russian Show-Center" Vladimir Zubitsky, this tour will be in support of their work and as such will consist of hits for the group. Deep Purple will travel to 12 cities of Russia from Rostov to Irkutsk.Tickets for the concert in SC "Olympic" has already sold. The range of prices for the tickets today in the shops range from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.The band Deep Purple playing in the genre of hard rock, was formed in 1968 under the name of the Roundabout. In April of the same year the band changed its name to the now famous phrase.The group is considered one of the most prominent and influential rock music of the 1970-ies, one of the founders of the genre heavy metal and the band that influenced all subsequent "heavy" music.For all 40 years the history of the band in its ranks was lit 14 musicians, including the legendary virtuoso guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (Ritchie Blackmore), currently engaged in solo projects.In today the band consists of five musicians: vocalist Ian Gillan (Ian Gillan), bass guitarist Roger Glover (Roger Glover, guitarist Steve Morse (Steve Morse), keyboardist don Airey (Don Airey) and drummer Ian Paice (Ian Paice). Source: Rock band Deep Purple will make a tour of Russia. . Читать полностью -->

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