In Karlovy vary started the international film festival

In Karlovy vary started the international film festivalIn the Czech town of Karlovy vary international film festival. For the first time in the history of film forum changed the practice of his work - although the official opening ceremony will take place in the evening, the screenings have already begun.Expected to be reviewed 30 movies.The film festival in Karlovy vary held for the 43rd time. In its more than 220 feature and documentary films made in the past and current years. As have informed the correspondent of ITAR-TASS in the Directorate of the forum, the festival will host a world, regional or European premiere of 52 films.Fourteen feature films will compete for the main award of the festival - "Crystal globe" - in the competition of feature films. Russia presents feature film directed by Alexei Uchitel "Captive".In the competition section "East of West" is a Russian film Director Alexei Mizgireva "Flint", directed by Mary Razbezhkina Yar and Director Sergey dvortsevogo "Tulip". Comedy "Tulip" - the film is a joint production of Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany. Читать полностью -->

The insurance company suspects Ledger's suicide

The insurance company suspects Ledger's suicideIt seems that around the case - and, most importantly, money - Heath Ledger unfolds another round of passion.Lawyer - attention! - daughter of Heath, Matilda rose Ledger, filed a lawsuit on... the insurance company of the actor, who said Ledger probably died not of an overdose of drugs and killed himself. The lawyer Matilda John S. Laviolette, in turn, insists that such statements are made solely in order to pay the heirs of the actor insurance in the amount of $ 10 million.So, the insurance company ReliaStar Life Insurance in Minnesota, signed in June 2007, the policy Hit the Ledger - six months before his death. The recipient of insurance money is a Trustee representing the interests of Matilda Ledger. However, instead of having to pay a specified sum of money after an accident - according to oficialismo the conclusion of the case, the insurance company began its own investigation of the causes of death Hit in order to determine whether it was an accident, or Mr. Читать полностью -->

Footage from the new film about Harry Potter

Footage from the new film about Harry PotterBecame available footage from the new film about Harry Potter Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince".The film will be released on November 21 of this year, and in it, seven years after the appearance of the first tape, the audience will see together the three main characters, played by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.All three stars, as seen in the pictures, now look at your age. The film tells the story of how Harry Potter with the help of a mysterious book entitled "the Property of the half-blood Prince" becomes "an adult wizard." Source: Stills from the new film about Harry Potter. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The secret passion of Eva Mendes

The secret passion of Eva MendesEva Mendes, who are quite happy with her boyfriend George Gargurevich, confessed that feels attracted and also the girls!Especially actress like her colleague in the shop keira Knightley! 34-year-old star gave an interview to InStyle magazine, which said the following:"I'm crazy about keira Knightley! She is always a lady. She has a very unconventional beauty and amazing person - I haven't seen! So I'm kind of into her, huh!". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sarkozy was caught in the old treason

Sarkozy was caught in the old treasonThe private life of French President Nicolas Sarkozy has again recently become the object of attention of Europe.However, the scandalous chronicle at this time not interested in another incident with his Italian wife Carla Bruni, and a love affair four years ago the head of the French state.It turns out that the dashing Nicolas in the midst of a family gathering with Cecilia Sarkozy (his second wife, treacherously abandoned him after his victory in the presidential election) vengeance had an affair on the side. This husband-cuckold his passions were added later to the Ministerial post.Paris fun Sarkozy in the tenure of the Minister of Finance meticulously recorded the secret police. She regularly and merged Cecilia confidential information about her husband's infidelity, not forgetting at the same time also to inform him about the dissolute life of Mrs. Sarkozy. That's such an Alliance in French. Everyone knows, and everyone is happy. Читать полностью -->

Jolie never ceases to amaze with their appearance

Jolie never ceases to amaze with their appearanceAngelina Jolie is not in vain so many times won the title of sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world. Even after becoming the mother of three native children, the actress never ceases to amaze with their appearance.As we have already mentioned, at the premiere of Changeling after three months of captivity in Miraval estate in France Jolie appeared fully armed. Signature smile, gorgeous hair, skin-tight dress and a slim figure. Thin waist was now the subject of intense gossip.According to rumors, get rid of recruited during pregnancy pounds Jolie helped not a diet. According to the newspaper Daily Telegraph, the actress decided to go under the surgeon's knife for the sake of gaining older forms."She doesn't like to talk about it or admit this fact, but some friends Angie said that did the operation," - said an anonymous source.Meanwhile in another edition provides a completely different version of weight loss the stars. No workouts, but the secret European diet helped the actress to get rid of about 25 pounds overweight, this version bring to Us Weekly.Surely we only know that Jolie actually had to make some effort for the former beauty. Читать полностью -->

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