Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a man

Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a manA brawler and a drug addict Amy Winehouse once again struggles with men. After drinking in a London pub Dublin Castle a few glasses of tequila, drunken soul-diva beat up his neighbor at the bar, writes The Sun.Told victim - a 29-year-old salesman Wayne Lindsay, the singer suddenly turned around three times and hit the stranger in the face, and the man never said anything to the singer and never touched her, so her behavior was not provoked. The guards hurried to help Amy, but saw that Wayne's not my fault. "I couldn't believe it," he said. She was furious, just furious. It was as if she had voices in my head".However, releasing aggression, Amy began to calm down. A few hours later, returning home from the pub the Good Mixer, the singer of the hit Rehab slapped slapped his bodyguard.Recall that this is not the first time drunk Amy begins to swing his fists. So at the festival in the Summer pretty tipsy star suddenly pushed and then hit the elbow of one of the spectators. Festival organizer Michael IVIS justify the antics of the singer. According to him, the woman struck Winehouse, provoked the singer, gripping her hair and Breasts.In April, Amy was arrested and later released from the police station of the London district of Holborn for assaulting two men.24-year-old pop star, appearing daily on the front pages of British tabloids in connection with various scandals, was summoned by the police on suspicion of assaulting two men. One it, according to the victims, "butted", when he was trying to catch her taxi at one of London's bars, and another punched in the face. Source: Amy Winehouse in a bar fight with a man.

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