Famous racing got under MAZ

Famous racing got under MAZIn the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy in the accident died tragically famous racecar driver, organizer of street racing Night Racing Andrey Ovchinnikov.Experienced racing driver lost control on a slippery road from a rain. His car passed into the oncoming lane under the wheels of a truck "MAZ". It happened near Lyubertsy, near the village of Nekrasovka. According to traffic police, the chances of survival weren't - too much speed, the car was a well-known Russian racer.Andrey Ovchinnikov was considered the main Moscow street racers and the most famous racer of Russia. He is the founder clubs of street racers.In 2004 Andrey Ovchinnikov took part in the filming of "Uncontrollable drift" Director George Shengelia. As told by his friends, Andrew was so fascinated by the process that he was being teased by the assistant Director. He was simply irreplaceable at the site. Then there were many other projects that without Ovchinnikova the club does not even come out to take part - many, clips, shooting feature films: "Male season. Velvet revolution, "Lady Fortuna" and other, "Vesti"."He was very passionate man, he was very nice, professional driver. If risk, then justified," - says Oleg Kudryavtsev, the President of the club Night racing .In Moscow alone there are more than 10 different clubs street racing - most of them closed to outsiders. The police repeatedly tried to create an informal clubs official "the young racers". Nothing came of it - legal race kills the romance of illegal races.In December 2006, the government of Moscow has allocated the track racers in Sokolniki for competition drag racing. This happened after the racers staged races throughout Moscow in protest against the ban, the traffic police racers to compete on the street of General Dorokhov. The first attempt to "organize" free riders failed. Hundreds of cars departed from the site in Sokolniki, continuing impromptu competitions throughout the capital on Leninsky Prospekt, the Third transport, and then on the Garden ring.In the spring of 2007 was provided by the Tushino airfield. This platform has become the only place for official competition racers in the capital. But drag racing is just one of several types of street racing, and the safest of them. There is annular, linear racing, drifting and streetchallenge, another race without rules. They each decide whether he is ready to sacrifice their own and others ' safety for the sake of victory in the competition.However, the most desperate street racing just security is not needed. On the contrary, its absence is the desired extreme. The video on the Internet - the Garden ring in 6 minutes". Unknown reckless driver speeding through the morning Moscow at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Sukharevskaya square crosses on a red light, slowing slightly before going on Prospekt Mira machine. Fortunately, none of the pedestrian is not got in the way of this "Mercedes". All ring no employee of the state traffic Inspectorate. Unknown rider remains unknown.Street racing is not a sport and not entertainment, this is a special psychology of freedom, I would say any self-respecting street racers. A few years ago, Andrey Ovchinnikov became one of the organizers of the Moscow Night club Racing. Since then the club has entered more than a thousand fans of street racing and tuning."I honestly just feel that it is not. I can't believe it happened. It seems that he is with us", - says Oleg Kudryavtsev. Source: Famous racing got under MAZ.

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