Lindsay Lohan had a lesbian affair with the heir Yahoo

Lindsay Lohan had a lesbian affair with the heir YahooApparently, the brawler Lindsay refused to cover their delicate relationship with British DJ Samantha Ronson, so a month ago, the star has confessed to his sexual orientation.But, interestingly, Samantha is not the first homosexual love actress.The official announcement was made several months after beauty Lindsay was seen in the company of an open lesbian, the daughter of the boss of Yahoo and searing brunette Courtney Semel, writes The News Of The World."Everyone thinks Samantha is the first lesbian relationship Lindsay, however, we were very close, until we are parted her fear of exposure. At the time she was very worried that if their sexual orientation becomes known, her career will be over. However, as soon as Samantha came on the scene, I was immediately dropped," complained Courtney to your friends.25-year-old Courtney revealed that she visited a friend of Lindsay:- slept with men to suppress their homosexual tendencies and hide them from the public;- hooked on alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances due to the constant pressure of living a double life;- lived in a love triangle between two womenAs explained friend Courtney, the girls met in the summer of 2006 at a party in Malibu. "From the beginning, Lindsay was very shy about their feelings for Courtney, so she drank more and more drugs to suppress sexual desire," says the source. But in the end she scored on it, and every party they kissed and fondled each other in the corner. It's a miracle that no one noticed! In the toilet they were snorting line of cocaine, went home and fell asleep together in the same bed".Throughout the year before non-traditional couple was hiding, until the star of "Crazy racing" and "mean girls" undergoing rehabilitation at the clinic and met with a man as a "disguise". However, in early January 2007, the actress first met 31-year-old Samantha, the sister of pop star Mark Ronson."Initially, between Samantha and Lindsay was not a physical relationship," continues the friend Courtney is In all likelihood, Samantha belonged to Lindsay in a motherly way, giving advice.".

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