Valerie got sick in the fashion industry

Valerie got sick in the fashion industryFamous singer Valeria, by leaps and bounds mastering Western pop vastness, became ill on the display of a collection of Gaultier in Paris.Arriving a couple of days on vacation in Paris, "Russian Madonna" had to leave with a showing of the legendary couturier because of poor health.The restSince summer is in full swing, this time Valeria decided time in vain not to lose and for the first time in a long time to spend vacation for yourself and your family. Arranging a trip to Europe with her husband Joseph Prigogine and children, the artist decided to escape for two days and to attend a screening of trendsetter Jean-Paul Gaultier in his House."We came to Paris especially for the show of Jean Paul Gaultier - confessed "TD" happy Valeria.However, visiting such a Grand event was marred emergency.HealthAs found "Z", because the beginning of the show was delayed for an hour in a small room very quickly became unbearably stuffy. Right in the midst of all the events of the famous actress abruptly became ill and had to leave the party. Despite the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier is invited Russian star on exclusive presentation of the new collection, which is all the fashion weeks will take place only after a year, Valerie and failed to return to the hall. Enjoy socializing with international stars, such as the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, she also failed. Source: Valerie became ill on the fashion industry.

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