The group `Mumiy Troll` has released a new album

The group `Mumiy Troll` has released a new albumA year after the album "AMBA" group "mummies the Troll" has released a new album entitled "VIII", as well as the eighth.Music critic Artemy Troitsky called it "the best Russian rock album since last record "Cinema". What surprises can we expect from the latest release of Ilya Lagutenko tell Days.Ru.Ten years of searchingWhen 11 years ago, "Mumiy Troll" appeared on the music scene with "Sea"(the third album), they did not even realize: who are these guys from Vladivostok, almost thirty years and no one has an unknown? The album sold out reluctantly, and only by 1998 year, the rumour reached the ears of fans of rock ' n ' roll. Arrived and is safely misinterpreted because relaxed British rhythm and symbolist scheme of Bach "the Seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull" were unusual for the hearing of the rockers. Amid songs about suicide "Little girl", cinematic guitar beat "Star called Sun" and primitive drum parts, ingenuity far departed from the sound of a metronome, symbiosis gangster romance, fairy-tale motifs and non-aggressive sound schemes seemed totally alien. Far Eastern meowing vocals Lagutenko and even more so different from the voices of depressive and gurnevich musicians, at that time considered to be the quintessence of Russian rock.In other words, in line with the St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg creators, twenty years proudly wearing the title of the underground, "Mumiy Troll" was impossible to supply, as well as other genres besides rock and pop music, in Russia did not exist then, Pacific boys immediately pushed to the second. But fans of songs about sunflowers and simple student had their own opinion on this matter, and the abundance of instruments in the songs, "MT" was the cause of cerebral collapse of the guardians soundtrack. And yet figured out, what's a little case, "Sea" has already listened to all the post-Soviet consumer society, and themselves "Trolls" took advantage of the hesitation, called himself the fathers of a new genre "rokapops" and released the music video for "Dolphins", where Lagutenko eyes were blue so heavenly that the group sipped popularity, and everything fell into place.After the "Sea" was "Caviar", where "Ranetki" and the already mentioned blue-eyed Dolphins, hyped music channels, immediately attracted the attention finally waking from hibernation audiophiles. However, these two songs the success of the album was limited, but this fact did not stop the team to release a collectible "Chamoru", immediately disappointing recently been recruited into the ranks of their fans. Two years of "Mumiy Troll" was in a state of suspended animation, give birth to a 2000-mu "Exactly mercury aloe" - a video for the song "Carnival.No" returns the listener to an earlier good songs and band video seemed like a farewell. By the time "MT" was already considered mastodons music, and he Lagutenko has produced - in particular, the first album Zemfira Ramazanova the now sunk into oblivion band "Tonight".However, the founders of rokapopsa on this has not stopped and has consistently for the past five years recorded the albums "meemory", "mergers and acquisitions" and "Amber", gradually moving from vague pop songs to vague songs for everybody. Musical arrangements became less intricate, the lyrics seemed like a meaningless set of erotic words, combined with meow vocalist detects more similarities with the cat's tongue - unfortunately, not having adequate translation human. Music lovers had heard on the repeat of "Sea" and put it on the revival of the once-stylish team fat cross, and smiling ageless face Lagutenko had time to get bored even for those who never a fan of group was not.ReturnThe lyrics seemed like a meaningless set of erotic words, combined with meow vocalist detects more similarities with the cat's tongue".

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