Widow of Michael Circle identified the murderer of her husband

Widow of Michael Circle identified the murderer of her husbandThe widow of a famous singer Michael Krug Irina has identified the man who killed her husband. However, it was not enough to start an investigation.In late February, the media reported that the Investigative Committee is ready to solve the mystery of the murder of singer Michael Krug. The Prosecutor's office so long to comment on this rumor that the mother of the famous singer has made a request. July 15, Zoya Petrovna received a response. A letter to the journalists showed the sister Circle Olga Medvedeva. It partially lifted the veil on a mysterious murder.In November 2002 the Prosecutor's office of Maksatikha (Tver region) has opened a criminal case against Alexander Ageyev. The crime had nothing to do with the massacre of the Circle. The man went to prison, and he was serving his sentence. But in January 2008 it emerged investigators who were trying to solve the murder of the singer."Irina - wife singer - was summoned to the lineup. She learned Ageeva" - shared with the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" sister singer. This person Irina saw the night her husband was murdered in their home. According to her, he released a shot from the Circle closed his wife. "At the same time, a lineup, a neighbour of the singer learned in Ageeva person, who the day before had crossed the home Circle," said Olga.However, the investigation was suspended. "During further investigation of evidence sufficient for the presentation of A. A. Ageyev charges in murder Vorobyev M. V. (real name of the singer) produced was not," wrote the prosecutors Zoya Petrovna. - 15.05.2008 preliminary investigation is suspended ... ...in connection with the failure to find an individual subject to attraction as accused"."To establish a charge on the lineup we can't, because many years have passed since the Commission of the crime," said Karina Beketov, senior assistant Director of media relations of the Investigative Committee.Information about Alexander Ageeva a bit. Relatives he has left. The address of registration he lived. At work, where he was a Manager in one of Tver Newspapers, the driver and bodyguard, it is preferred not to remember. "They say he always carried a gun," recalled one of the Tver journalists. It is associated with Ageev murder in 2003 of one of candidates in mayors of Tver Vladimir Kotov. Source: Widow of Michael Circle identified the murderer of her husband.

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