Candid shots and shocking interview Kate moss

Candid shots and shocking interview Kate moss Supermodel Kate moss, who became the last icon of a bygone era "exhausted beauty" and "heroin chic", has posed naked for the magazine, Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol.In an exclusive interview with the most stylish celebrity in the world spoke about their sexual experiences, anorexia and breast implants, writes The Sun.The face of Kate moss appeared on the covers of all fashion magazines of the world. 34-year-old model is one of the ten legendary models that have influenced the course of fashion history in General and the standards catwalk beauty in particular.According to a sex symbol, woman after 30 is much better in bed than sex: "I think so," says moss, " because we already have the experience." Arguing about the difference between men and women, Kate said: "men are the real devils and the real bastards"."The first thing I pay attention, looking at the guy - it's his gas and his lips, but the first thing that I notice, looking at the woman's Tits, just like a man," says top model. - I believe that breast implants are awful. A lot of my girlfriends "drugged" her Breasts - I think they are absolutely wrong. Besides, insert the breast implants are unsafe, so one of my friends after surgery Boobs began to grow as the giant peach, and the blood ceased to surge to the nipples. And another of my friend Breasts moved down on the shoulder, so one boob she was normal, and the second was upstairs, right at the clavicle. I only know two girls that have nice silicone Breasts. Most Boobs get so heavy and solid that they can be knocked in the door"."I'm not against implants, confessed thin mannequin. - You know, if my Breasts will SAG, as in some women after childbirth, I'm going to make another bust. However, if you have a normal beautiful Breasts, it is possible to increase the size just for the sake of size is not worth it. Anyway, I just don't like big Boobs.".

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