Career Zavorotniuk destroyed

Career Zavorotniuk destroyedThe star of the series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk fallen on hard times.After parting with Sergey Zhigunov, which also supported the woman and did everything that she was in demand actress, Nastia is very difficult to prove their capabilities.Another blow to the ego Zavorotnyuk was that picture of the "Ideal woman" in which she played the title role, took in the rental.PictureZavorotnyuk in the family Comedy hasn't departed from its core roles and played a hairdresser Lyubasha, who falls in love with a wealthy man. After the success of the series about a naive Ukrainian maiden the producers had hoped that the "nanny" will be good for a big movie. But all has appeared not so simply.Released "the Apocalypse Code" immediately dubbed "pathetic fake James bond". And work on the new film "Imperfect woman", which was released in theaters, ended in great scandal. The rental company just didn't want to spend money on painting, inferior to the serial alamelu.Primarily distributors was confused by the game's main heroine.- The distributors to us and said that the movie is too typical of soap operas, said LIFE.RU assistant Director. - They are especially confused by the fact that Zavorotniuk plays just like in the TV series "My fair nanny". We understand that the "Ideal woman" as a full meter will not go. Now do from the film series, which will, most likely, on NTV channel.KhabenskyThe producers of the film with Zavorotniuk starring worth thinking before the start of work on the tape. Because of the problems encountered, when I was picking the leading male role in "the Imperfect woman.".

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