Inappropriate behavior Zemfira

Inappropriate behavior ZemfiraOn Saturday in a multimedia store "Mood!" TC "Tishinka" held an autograph session singer Zemfira, which were invited in advance admirers of the singer and members of the media.However, when a large number of press, photo and video cameras barely appeared in the hall, the singer announced to the organizers that it would not communicate with journalists and will not be released to the fans, while all media representatives will not disperse, then turned and walked away.The journalists were told that the press will admit to following the autograph session Zemfira, which will take place in the shop "M. Video" shopping complex "Belaya Dacha", if the singer won't change my mind, said "Газета.GZT.RU".As they say "Paparazzi", deprived fans and wordsmiths their attention, the singer went into one of the streets in the neighborhood, "Tver", where together with his Manager Nadezhda Bobrova was to wait at the entrance of Renata Litvinova. Picking up a friend, Zemfira took her to his old house on Frunze embankment. Why?At least, to compose such an appeal to the visitors of your site:"Good night! Although, if you think that it is good. The appearance of this text for several reasons. First: not held a press conference in the shop "Mood". I have problems in relations with the company, dividi Land". Serious problems - I don't know or understand how to cooperate with them. Agree about one thing, happens more. There was a clear agreement that the autograph session in the "Mood" is without a photo - and television correspondents. Why are they carried out a newsletter in which invited everyone to the event, I don't know. What did they expect I don't understand. Apologize to the fans who spent time beyond idea. I apologize to journalists for what they have not received what they promised, I had no idea about this setup from the "partners".Second: the upcoming concert in Batumi. I ask the question: "will there be a concert?". I don't know. And is there anyone who can tell what will happen tomorrow? I'm very sympathetic to the Georgians, I want to play them, but you can't play during the war?Third: Kazan. So it turns out that while I am silent (and sometimes I want to be silent, and I think it's understandable desire), my name acquires obscene amount of rumors. I don't have time and effort to refute. Just wait for official information. It's not so hard, right?And good. Almost finished work on the b-sides. I really hope that it (the record) will appear in September. Good night. Source: Inappropriate behavior Zemfira.

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