Kate moss got naked for Interview magazine

Kate moss got naked for Interview magazine British top model Kate moss became the main heroine of the September issue of Interview Magazine, a special magazine about celebrities, which was founded by Andy Warhol.Photography Kate for Interview Magazine September 2008 held a photographic Duo MERT and Marcus.The editors of Interview Magazine has named Kate moss last "supermodel" which ended the era of the first "star" of the supermodels, and marked the beginning of a new era.In an interview with Kate, incidentally, told me that a kiss, which she will remember all her life, gave her a Frank Sinatra.This happened in 1995, when Kate was 21 years old. In that memorable model for an evening of Sinatra celebrated its 80th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary of the actor gave in Hollywood big party. Then Kate met with johnny Depp, and the pair came together for the celebration of the birth of legendary stars.Although Depp is famous for its revnost and a hot temper, Sinatra found a way to get rid of him and spend time with Kate. Here is what about this Kate herself: "Despite his age, his blue eyes still sparkled and were full of enthusiasm and fire. I sat and smoked a cigarette when he noticed me and went straight to my table. All his bodyguards stood around us, so that johnny couldn't get to me! And here, surrounded by this "hedge", we sit, and Frank asks me, "How you doing, young lady?" And I said, "happy birthday, Frank." And he suddenly pulled me, very passionately kissed on the lips, and then gave me a cigarette without a filter. I was left sitting in a daze: I was just giddy! He was an extraordinary man!".

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