The pregnant singer Maksim got married in Indonesia

The pregnant singer Maksim got married in IndonesiaPopular singer Maksim married is a happy event occurred in Indonesia. Newly-made husband of 24-year-old Marina Abrosimova, who by exotic laws become her partner, sound engineer Alexey Lugovcov.An unforgettable wedding ceremony in Bali took place a week ago. The sea and the surf is more romantic atmosphere for a wedding ceremony is difficult to imagine. Just here to have fun the bride had to have champagne - Marina in position.The ceremonyMarina and Alex were married under Indonesian law at the time of unscheduled leave, which the singer took after learning about what will happen to the child. Wedding lovers was surrounded by extraordinary tropical vegetation in a unique ancient Hindu temple Puri Santrian.Unforgettable experiences cost a young couple in the $ 1600. Economical and tasteful!For the money lovers were issued: traditional Balinese clothes for bride and groom, one bottle of national sparkling, national decorations for the ceremony in the Church, the wedding cake, 36 printed photos, Orchid bouquet for the bride and the Orchid in the buttonhole of the groom's suit.The whole ceremony Marina and Alexis was accompanied by a young balika - she had the necessary stylistic features. All administrative procedures passed in the Indonesian Ministry of religion and civil registration of marriages.Marina did get married, but it didn't happen in Russia", - commented on the situation in the company Gala Records, which produced Maksim.For a naughty girl, suddenly became a fine young woman, and rejoice in her home in Kazan.- I am very glad for them, Marinochka finally got married and soon will become a mother, it's just great, " sincerely glad Julia A., the first teacher Maxim.Recall, a novel by Marina and the sound of her musical project lasts for more than a year. Young people have long tried not to advertise their relationship. And the reason for such a serious step as marriage, was the pregnancy of the singer, which became known this summer. Source: Pregnant singer Maksim got married in Indonesia.

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