Laima Vaikule may lose the roof over your head

Laima Vaikule may lose the roof over your headLaima Vaikule because of the sudden financial crisis may lose the roof over your head. U.S. Bank demanded from our star early repayment of the loan for a house on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.One of the largest banks Miami Citizens and Southern Bank of Atlanta requires that the Baltic singer Laima Vaikule impossible. Before the New year, the statuesque blonde Russian show business is required ahead of time to pay the full amount purchased on credit a house on the coast of Miami. Stunned Russian singer Bank deliberately notice reads: "we Ask You for 40 days to repay the loan on the purchased real estate".It seems that the global financial crisis has not spared a most elegant singer of Russia 54-year-old Laima Vaikule. Received unexpected and unpleasant letter, Vaikule was horrified. To such waste, the singer is clearly not expected. According to the artist, so a substantial amount of money it simply does not have and out of a difficult situation until sees. Lyme faced with a choice: to sell beloved mansion in Miami or as soon as possible to find the American astronomical sum green.I love spending time here, it is here were the happiest moments in my life - previously enthusiastically told LIFE.RU Lyme about his overseas home.Due to the current unstable financial situation a chance to Lima to take out a loan at another Bank, for example in Russia, equal to zero. Despite the star status and popularity, banks refuse to lend. I hope Lyme Vaikule will still be able to solve the financial problems.Olesya Tarasova Source: Laima Vaikule may lose the roof over your head.

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