Lily Allen is preparing for the role of vampire-lesbians

Lily Allen is preparing for the role of vampire-lesbiansYoung pop singer Lily Allen (Lily Allen) prepares to films: lesbian, vampire, and even murderers.Allen agreed to shoot a film featuring popular British Comedy Duo consisting of James Probably and Matthew Horne (James Corden and Matthew Horne). It's called "Lesbian Vampire Killers" ("Lesbians vampire killers") and is described as a "Comedy horror". The appearance of the film on the screen is expected next year.It was originally planned that Lily Allen will play in the ribbon, one of the leading roles, but she got a supporting role. But she and her very happy. Corden and Horne met singer on her television show "Lily Allen and Friends" and since then got idea to bring her to the set. Rumors say that Probably at Allen was having an affair.With regard to the question of the singer, at first she said "I'm not a lesbian!" in response to leaked tabloid gossip about what she supposedly likes girls. But a few months later, appearing on one of his American concerts in the not too sober, Lily reported that "tired of men with small members and seriously thinking about whether she did not become a lesbian. At least in the movies now she has the chance to introduce myself.According to movie website IMDB, the plot of the film is as follows. Because of an ancient curse residents of a small Welsh village enslaved by the vampire-lesbians. The male population is represented by two unhappy young men who are sent to the mines as victims. Movie tagline: "a Pair of lost hope. One goddamn village. And one hell of a night!" Source: Lily Allen is preparing for the role of vampire-lesbians.

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