Fingerprints of Elvis Presley sold at auction

Fingerprints of Elvis Presley sold at auctionFingerprints of the famous king of rock ' n ' roll Elvis Presley will be sold on Thursday, September 4, at auction in London gallery of Idea Generation.According to experts, the cost of an unusual lot can amount to 75 thousand pounds or 150 thousand dollars.Rare document that represents authorization for the carrying of weapons was discovered at a police station in California. It is reported that the singer received it in 1970. This is the only fingerprints left by Presley in my life.In addition to the prints the document also contains a description of the appearance of the famous singer, starting with the color of eyes and hair, finishing his size and weight. Under California law, the document should have been destroyed immediately after the death of its owner, but in this case, employees of the plot deviated from the rules, report the Details.Except fingerprints Presley, the auction, dubbed "It's more than rock' n 'roll", will be exhibited and contract of management of Beatles, owned by Brian Epstein, under whose leadership the legendary team achieved fame, first in Britain and then around the world.Auctioneers are hoping to fetch a document for sale, who asked to remain anonymous Beatlemania person from the North of England, not less than 240 thousand pounds. Among other auction items will include a piano which can be heard on the Beatles album "the White Album". Its estimated value is 300 thousand pounds. Source: Fingerprints of Elvis Presley sold at auction.

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