The young wife of Dmitry Dibrova pregnant

The young wife of Dmitry Dibrova pregnantPopular TV presenter and showman Dmitry Dibrov and his wife - model Alexandra Shevchenko - expect replenishment in the family. Alexander is located on the 3rd month of pregnancy.Newly married 48-year-old Dibrov and 23-year-old Alexander decided that he would name the baby after my mom, regardless of gender. Dmitry in one interview, he boldly stated that she wants five children, the first must be born daughter.First Dibrov saw his future wife in his native Rostov when she was only 12 years old. Sasha is the daughter of a good friend and sworn brother Dibrova Andriy Shevchenko."Sasha is my stepfather's granddaughter, the daughter of his own son and named my brother," explains Dibrov. - We with Sasha's dad is a nonblood brothers and great friends of youth".A year ago, fate has brought back the popular TV presenter and Alexander. Alexandra herself contacted Dubrovin through the site "Classmates.". She wrote that he was going to move to Moscow to find work in the capital. Dibrov invited the girl to visit, arriving, Alexander moved in with him, and two months later the couple married, writes "Your day".Quite a big age difference does not bother the newlyweds. In recognition of Alexandra, at the beginning of the novel, this fact slightly frightened her. But after some time the lovers just stopped noticing the little things.For Dibrova this is not the first marriage. Behind the anchorman two marriages and a child respectively is the daughter of Lada and son Denis. Source: the Young wife of Dmitry Dibrova pregnant.

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