Shocking details of drug addictions Winehouse

Shocking details of drug addictions WinehouseEach of the controversial singer Amy Winehouse has revealed shocking details of drug addictions of the soul-diva: the girl already did twice "heroin overdose", during which she fought in wild convulsions as the heroes of the film "the Exorcist".Amy was sitting on the methamphetamines, and after 36 hours of continuous Smoking marijuana she had a split personality, writes The Sun.According to doctors, this overdose will be fatal. The BODY of 24-year-old girl so exhausted drugs that doctors fear, as if in a fit, she didn't break his bones.Recall that the first overdose cocaine Princess" took place in August 2007 due to the simultaneous use of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamines. It was then that she had a split personality, which could end with suicide attempts. Amy was advised to go to a psychiatristSecond overdose was the singer started exactly one year later, in July of this year - she just bought the "inhuman" dose of hashish, then she started hallucinating and she lost control. At the time, to somehow reduce the hype around sudden hospitalization Amy, her father, 54-year-old MICT Winehouse told the press that her daughter "bad reaction to medication".Doctors are concerned that the brain of the singer could be damaged after an overdose of cannabis, said friend Amy, she had detected symptoms similar to schizophrenia."Her future is very sad. Of course, Mitch is doing everything to protect his daughter and yet his explanation of hospitalization Amy in July was a trivial lie. She just smoked an inhuman number of "gash" that caused poisoning by cannabis. In all likelihood, she was Smoking nonstop for 36 hours straight, " said the source. - Amy has had the same terrible seizures as convulsions during her first "overdose" in August last year. Nobody noticed that she was on amphetamines. She will need years of treatment by a psychiatrist to have at least some hope.".

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