The most highly paid Actresses in Hollywood

The most highly paid Actresses in HollywoodThe fabulous fees to actors envy of any businessman. Basking in the glory and love of the fans, the main characters in modern movies, most likely, will never know what it's like to make ends meet.At least this is evidenced by the rating of the highest paid Actresses.This year, the highest salary for starring in films boasts a 37-year-old Cameron Diaz, who managed in one year to earn as much as $ 50 million. Huge fees brought her films such as Once upon a time in Vegas", and also work on the dubbing of the cartoon "Shrek 3" and "Shrek and Christmas." The Cam to rest on our laurels is not going ahead role in the drama of nick Cassavetes 'My Sister's Keeper" and the fourth part of the "Shrek". Cameron is working hard, and it wasn't lost on the members of the Commission Hollywood, collecting stars for the walk of fame. Bronze star with name blue-eyed blondes will appear in the heart of Hollywood in 2009.The winner of first place in the ranking last year, Reese Witherspoon was only in fourth place with an honorarium of $ 25 million. It was ahead of 23-year-old British actress keira Knightley (32 million), the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the film "Atonement", for which she was nominated for an Oscar, and Jennifer aniston (27 million dollars).Angelina Jolie, which never cease to interpret the journalists, were in last place in the ranking. The earnings of a star that has recently become a mother of two twins, amounted to only $ 14 million. Surpassed angelina Gwyneth Paltrow ($25 million), Jodie foster (23 million), Sarah Jessica Parker (18$) Meryl Streep ($16 million) and Amy Adams (14.5 million dollars).Worldwide, women earn less than men, and cinema is no exception. The latest list of highest-paid actors released simultaneously with the women's rankings, once again confirmed it. The highest paid Hollywood actor will Smith for the year earned $ 80 million, while the johnny Depp and Eddie Murphy got 72 million and $ 65 million respectively. In the men's ranking also includes Bruce Willis (41 million), Ben Stiller (40 million), Nicolas cage ($39 million.) and Adam Sandler ($30 million).Another handsome Daniel Radcliffe got to the top of the list of highest-paid teenagers. Actor, American, and as the young singer Miles Cyrus, earned over the past year to 25 million. Young ranking've also got one of the Olsen sisters, Ashley (20 million), and 22-year-old Lindsay lohan (6 million dollars). Source: the Most highly paid Actresses in Hollywood.

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