Tsekalo has cancelled their wedding

Tsekalo has cancelled their wedding47-year-old Alexander Tsekalo stated that the celebrations on the occasion of his wedding is off.There will be no wedding! - confirmed its decision "TD" Alexander. - We lavish celebrations will not hold.CastleMore recently, Alexander's friends told me that they were invited to the celebration, to be held abroad. Lush event was intended as a compensation to the spouse of Vic - 24-year-old sister the blond soloist of "VIA gra" Vera Brezhnev - for a modest civil ceremony, which Tsekalo was holding a terrible secret.Like any girl, Victoria, for whom marriage to Alexander the first, since the childhood dreamed of a white dress and a sumptuous celebration, but for the sake of a loved one, believing his promises hot, made concessions.PriceAlas, now that's a dream girl and will remain dreams. Wedding in an ancient castle will not take place. Practical Alexander, apparently, has estimated how much it will cost to buy a similar celebration. If even an ordinary wedding with master of ceremonies and accordion in a nearby restaurant are expensive, it is possible to rent the castle and aircraft for 100 guests the price is generally exorbitant. To pay 7000 euros for the nose (and it is a hundred people), but still 150 000 for the lease of the aircraft - a luxury honeymoon.We quietly married at the registry office, it will be enough - said its final decision Alexander.What about this thought Victoria and not wait for a big party, remains a mystery. Perhaps consolation for her was compensation in the form of a brand new BMW X5 jeep, donated by Sasha recently. Source: Tsekalo has cancelled their wedding.

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