Champion Sofia lukianchuk committed suicide

Champion Sofia lukianchuk committed suicideGold medalist, champion of the Irkutsk region in archery the beast lukianchuk hanged on the belt at his parents ' house. Brilliantly finished school, she enrolled in one of the universities of Novosibirsk, and looking forward to the beginning of the school year.Neither the headmaster nor the coach, nor schoolmates can't understand how such a purposeful and loving life she could commit suicide, says MP.According to one version of law enforcement bodies, suicidal thoughts came to her mind because of the overuse of the emo subculture. The father of the lost girl insists on initiating a criminal case under article "incitement to suicide", but, realizing that the ideologists of the emo movement in this article are unlikely to attract, he intends to seek changes in the law on extremism."Emo kids there has been a pronounced depressive symptoms, the psychiatrist notes Elena Skibo, - but whether it's the impact of this subculture. They are comfortable in black and pink colors, they like depressive music. As for the sites on which they communicate, this is due to the reaction of the group, or role model. They play with death, cut their hands, but mostly it's all demonstrative-blackmailing attempts. According to statistics, the real reasons for voluntary withdrawal from life were only ten percent of all committed suicide. In other cases - it was a cry for help, attempts to prove his worth, to draw attention to themselves".Director of Irkutsk school N 24 Zoe Gnezdilova claims that Sofia to emo nothing had, and the cause of suicide was family drama."Sophia was a strong man, set a goal and achieved all. Her funeral was crying, even the boys. Everybody loved her," says the Director.A school teacher and many of my classmates of the girl hesitantly say that the cause of her action could well be a ban father on a trip to Russia. After school, she went there and was admitted to the University."Father read online correspondence of Sophia with her friend who lived in Novosibirsk and forbade her to go there", - tell the classmates.At the same time the girl's parents claim that some emo-sites after the death of Sophia were just removed. And the information preserved on several popular servers that make things more confusing. For example, on one of the sites Sophia calls himself a sweet beast, writes that love peace, and that his life has forgotten about how it looks on the TV, on the other publishes poetry with the lines: "I got into a loop... And now plunged. With his head in his death, mom, dad, I'm sorry..." Source: Champion Sofia lukianchuk committed suicide.

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