Kylie Minogue in Moscow has strengthened its protection

Kylie Minogue in Moscow has strengthened its protectionFamous singer Kylie Minogue, who flew to Moscow for a single concert, very afraid that in Russia it can make an attempt. Hence, the star demanded to provide unprecedented security measures.Presidential Suite # 111 on the 11th floor of a luxury Moscow hotel is guarded by three bodyguards. The room key is made in a single copy and resides in her. And at the entrance to the hotel all the time on duty and two machine-gunners.The Kylie arrival in the Russian capital because of the storm was delayed for more than an hour instead of the expected arrival 15:00 Kylie reached Moscow only at 16:30.Weary from a long flight, the singer, surrounded by a dense ring of guards, sat in waiting at the exit from the airport tinted car and left for the hotel.As writes the edition "Your day", gastronomic rider Minogue modest obscenely. All the food we need Thrifty singer, apparently not trusting the Moscow chefs, brought to Moscow with him. Among the strange requirements - please prepare for the concert 300 kg of ice and 200 liters of water.The organizers assure that the long-awaited visit Kylie will not end only by the performance in the sports complex. Most likely, the singer will not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of Moscow. Source: Kylie Minogue in Moscow has strengthened its protection.

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