In Morocco detained Russian pop band `Cream`

In Morocco detained Russian pop band `Cream`As reported in the night of Tuesday the representatives of the Russian pop group "Cream", the musicians were detained at the airport in Casablanca (Morocco).Representatives of the Russian Consulate in Casablanca trying to figure out all the circumstances of this detention.According to the press attache of the group "Cream" Elena Sartbaeva, girls, speaking in Morocco at a corporate event and returning to Moscow on Monday evening, was removed from the flight after registration. The reason of such actions of the local authorities was that in the things the musicians were discovered allegedly fake dollar bills. According to the representative of the pop group, it was just a concert props. Imitations of banknotes, on which is the inscription "Not for Sale" ("Not for sale"), the girls handed out during his speech.According to the representative of the musical group, the girls took the documents without explaining. At the airport of Casablanca detainees is only the group administrator, who still can't figure out the fate of the girls, "Vesti".As reported by the Consul General of Russia in Casablanca, the airport is currently the Consul General of the Russian Federation, which is trying to understand the situation. "Interestingly, they never warned us that they are here about the purpose of his visit, and contacted us when they needed our help," said Consul General of Russia in Casablanca Vyacheslav settlers. Source: Morocco detained Russian pop group "Cream"".

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