Hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and Lohan

Hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and LohanOn the information portal Valleywag Silicon valley, located in Northern California, on Thursday there were pictures from the personal album of Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, according to the website Yahoo.com.As it turned out, the photos were downloaded from the personal profiles of the stars on his MySpace site some Byron NG, widely known in narrow circles of specialists in information security.The hacker was able to access the profiles of celebrities, using, in his own words, a "hole" in the security of MySpace and services Yahoo. One of the sites he didn't even change the order of actions to be undertaken to access private MySpace accounts.Chief editor of Valleywag Thomas Owen believes that such a gap in the security of social networks, the popularity of which is growing rapidly, is not accidental. Modern networks cannot guarantee the security of personal information of the user, even if in the settings of his profile contains the relevant restrictions. In addition, such resources are, in principle, are not designed to store sensitive data. "Information sharing," said Owen. Source: hackers gained access to the profile of Hilton and Lohan.

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