In Russia robbed the home of a famous astronaut

In Russia robbed the home of a famous astronautIn the Moscow region house of the famous conqueror of space Alexei Leonov was subject to an attack by unknown robbers.The thieves got into the living room, located in Shchelkovo district in the village of Leonia near Star city, last weekend. The damage amounted to more than a million rubles.The source in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region said that "a statement about the incident to the police contacted the wife of the astronaut, which reported the theft". As RIA "Novosti", in fact the incident a criminal case, is the search for the robbers.In August two famous people have been victims of a robbery. Moscow apartment by Stanislav Govorukhin on the Trekhgorny Shaft was robbed by unidentified attackers, stealing documents, money and jewelry.As it became known, the Director has applied for burglary in the police Department "Presnensky". Law enforcement officers found that the thieves entered the house, breaking the locks on the front door of the apartment of the Director. Criminals took the safe, which contained money and jewelry. The exact damages from theft is not installed yet, but according to the Govorukhin, in the safe was kept valuable papers and money: 40 thousand euros and 200 thousand rubles.The Concierge and guard the entrance noticed nothing suspicious. The exact date of the crime is difficult to determine, as Govorukhin few days in Moscow was not. Now investigators are examining CCTV footage, which may include images of criminals. Upon theft criminal case is brought, investigation is underway.A little earlier in Moscow, the robbers broke into the apartment of the famous national artist of Russia Olga Aroseva. According to the statement of the actress, the results of the burglary of her apartment she found the afternoon and did not immediately realize what had happened to her home."The boxes were turned out, all lying on the floor, told Aroseva journalists. "Well of course, I immediately called the police. I said that I didn't touch it. The police arrived quickly enough". According to her, she could not stay with the representatives of the investigating authorities, as was late to the show, so I asked to stay with the police the neighbor.In addition to moral damages, losses, the actress almost no. "Thank God, paintings and icons, the thieves did not touch," - commented Olga the results of their losses. "But in General the feeling, of course, the opposite: someone broke the window, rifled through my things. Why? Disgusting. Yes, and that I have to take old dresses, skirts? I recently moved to Tver, all things have not had time to move," said the actress. Source: Russia robbed the home of a famous astronaut.

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