Zavorotnyuk repulsed Yulia Kovalchuk groom

Zavorotnyuk repulsed Yulia Kovalchuk groomLeading the popular project "dancing with the stars" selflessly fought off the blond guy at the participants of the show Julia Kovalchuk.The bridegroom is the perfect "nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk country, athlete Peter Chernyshev, clearly flirting with ex-brilliant singer Yulia Kovalchuk.During the project "Dances with stars", which Peter brilliantly won with Julia Kovalchuk, skater friends learned that on the love front, he worked no less impressive than on the dance floor.WorkoutRecall, Julia and Peter stayed on the project the longest and triumphantly won this contest. As you know, to win you need to practice a lot. How did you find "the house", the training was so intense that involuntarily moved from the dance floor at restaurants and bars, where, as had first met the couple, they were discussing the next program number.- You understand that we were always together, " of course, we had a little fling, we flirted, - has shared with "TD" Julia Kovalchuk.According to the organizers of the show that accompanied the winners on tour, to name relations Chernysheva and Kovalchuk "flirting" is possible only with a strong desire to mitigate the situation.- The guys are always on tour were thick as thieves, by day or night. - has shared with "Your DAY" administrators "Dance".ZavorotnyukAs it turned out, at about the same time polygamous configured Peter started an affair with a charming host and project - Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Skater put to such a difficult choice, was thinking long. And almost surrendered without a fight perfect "nanny.".

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