The troubled couple in Hollywood

The troubled couple in Hollywood When two stars come together, it's interesting. But if they are both "more stuff", then wait for something magical and scandalous. Next - best-known couples, are most often caught in the scandalous Chronicles of the news.In the first place was Sean Penn and Madonna. When in the early 90s outsider Penn and a brawler Madonna got married, many, oddly enough, were confident that this marriage will be strong and eternal, even Madonna herself after ten years was called Sean, his only first love!But then they suffered. Numerous scandals, quarrels in public, continuous breaks, jealousy. The peak of their life together became threats jealous of Sean to shoot beautiful wife. Madonna not a little frightened. Still, Penn has always been famous for his decisiveness. As a result, the divorce was only a matter of time.No second place was johnny Depp and scandalously famous model Kate moss. Now Depp is a good family man. But then, in the early 90's, they, along with Kate annealed to complete. Drugs, alcohol, eternal party. Their whole life together was held in a constant stupor. Which was all over the place. And violent fights, and loud quarrels. And even the attacks on the paparazzi and the police.In no way inferior to them, and Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones. The popularity of them, in fact, brought their constant scandalous antics. The star of "Playboy" and the rocker could out of the blue to throw a huge scandal. All this was then developed into a mutual flood of insults, physical and... in rough sex.Largely on a similar scenario happened and all the actress and singer Whitney Houston and her husband, musician Bobby brown. The latter has always been known as a brawler and a drunk. He was younger than 30-year-old Whitney for five years, but she fell in love with him. "The wedding of the decade", so dubbed by the tabloids their wedding in 1992. Thousands of roses, eight hundred guests and a luxurious white dress instead of the expected happy life, it all turned for the bride 14-year-old nightmare. Later, Whitney told me that all this time Bobby had beaten her regularly (in 2003 it was even arrested for beating his wife), and brown has accused ex-wife that she got him hooked on hard drugs.It's followed by the main "beauty" of Hollywood, Julia Roberts and country singer Lyle Lovett. They married secretly, in a small town and witnesses. But shock of all was not even that, but the bridegroom's name. Nobody could believe that anyone in their right mind would marry one of the most ugly people in the world. "Quasimodo with a dirty MOP on his head" - so dubbed Laila press lovetta.This marriage lasted only two years. But during this time the poor Lila had to suffer a lot. According to rumors, Roberts constantly disrupted his anger, always insulted him and in front of the guests could safely be called either a freak, or kindly and gently - ugly duckling.On the sixth place in our hit parade was drew Barrymore and her strange relationship with Jeremy Thomas. Drew was married to Jeremy at the age of 19. Their marriage lasted exactly forty days from 20 March to 28 April 1994. But during that time they managed to amuse the people on the glory. Then as loud and divorced.Seventh place Hilary swank and Chad Lowe, who for seven years had a lot to do. Because Lowe did not represent the life without alcohol and drugs. And swank tried to fight it. As a result, no one week without scandal and high-profile divorce with bright trial.In eighth place our hit parade is a vivid example of how adversely can affect the TV. Actress and singer Jessica Simpson and Nick lash elementary overworked in the reality show, winners in 2002, in fact, steel. Indicative hangouts, revealing kisses and hugs. The only sincere thing they had - their growing hostility, which eventually grew into a hatred.Renee Zellweger and Kenny chesney for 128 days of your life together, too, became frequent visitors to the pages of the tabloid Newspapers. Rene wanted a happy and peaceful life, and chesney a love of life, not thinking about tomorrow. And to all this and skimming product from my companion, while not forgetting to say something bad about her in the presence of journalists.And closes a rating of Liza Minnelli and David Gest. 56-year-old star of the film "Cabaret" and her 48-year-old partner could give odds to many younger colleagues. "She's done it all and drank and tried to beat me up," complained his wife Gest. And she, in turn, accused him of manipulating and forcing her to the use of illegal and suspicious of medications. Source: The troubled couple in Hollywood (photos).

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