Forbes named the most industrious billionaire

Forbes named the most industrious billionaireCEO of software giant Microsoft, Steve Ballmer is the most hardworking and unusual billionaire in the world. To such conclusion came the Forbes magazine, trying to rank the hardworking billionaires.Ballmer manages the Corporation, which employs more than 80 thousand people, and its revenue exceeds 51 billion dollars. The company's CEO is on the 43rd place in the ranking of the richest people in Forbes magazine, and his fortune is estimated at $ 15 billion. Last year, Ballmer has more work, especially in the fight for a place in the market of Internet advertising, where Google is a leader. For that Ballmer made a takeover bid of Yahoo! valuing the company at 44.6 billion dollars.Ballmer spent a lot of effort and promotion of the new operating system Microsoft Windows Vista. That's when it came to the West the tagline "The wow starts now!", free translation of which means "Begin to wonder!". By the way, fans of Apple computers and operating system MacOS not confused and have circulated the Internet of the slogan "The wow started five years ago!" ("Began to be surprised five years ago!").Steve Ballmer is the most common type in the Google search engine. However, its popularity Ballmer gained not through negotiations with Yahoo! and not promoting Vista. He became known for his manner of speaking, which was nicknamed "the boy-monkey" (monkey boy). Perhaps he alone of all the billionaires and CEOs who can, not at all embarrassed, to gallop across the stage, shouting, or dancing and rhythmically clapping their hands, read the improvised recitative about developers.The fiery speeches of Ballmer on the company or Microsoft advertising has gathered lots of fans around the world.Making a ranking of the most hardworking billionaires, who was only Steve Ballmer, Forbes journalists are unable to choose anyone else from 1125 of the names included in the list of the richest people. Among them Karl Aiken (Carl Icahn), who began the siege of Yahoo! in order to shift from CEO Jerry Yang (Jerry Yang). Ican known worldwide as "the activist investor," as he calls himself. This billionaire is actively trying to influence the fate of companies whose shares he owns.Was on the list and Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison), the head of Oracle Corporation. In April 2008, he has headed a rating of the "Hundred most influential personalities in the field of information technology", which was compiled by the American journals eWeek and CIO Insight.However, according to Forbes, all these billionaires are very far from Ballmer as zazigatelnoe and hard work. Source: Forbes named the most industrious billionaire.

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