Pugacheva and Galkin secretly got engaged

Pugacheva and Galkin secretly got engagedAlla Pugacheva admitted to the priest that is already married with Maxim Galkin. Your secret heart secret diva revealed in the Holy Transfiguration Orthodox parish of the city of Baden-Baden in Germany.I saw Dolly parton in the Church of the city of Baden-Baden, where we go all Russian Orthodox, " said the parishioner of Holy Transfiguration Church Alina Right. - The people were few. One of the icons stood a woman, in which I learned Alla Pugacheva. She was talking to a priest.Immediately switch to the priest talked about the Galkin.- I heard their conversation, admits Right. - Heard that saying about Maxim Galkin, calling him by name, Alla Borisovna said to the priest: "He is my husband from God." She meant that she and Maxim have already gone through a wedding ceremony. From employees of the Church who are still talking about the visit Pugacheva, I heard what she did at the Trinity Church in Jerusalem...Having heard the sensational news that Pugachev was crowned with Galkin in the same Church, and with Kirkorov (!), we decided to conduct its own investigation. The first thing called in Baden-Baden Archpriest Miodrag Glisic at Transfiguration parish, the newspaper "Life".The father Miodrag, You have visited our star Alla Pugacheva?- Yes. I didn't recognize her at first. So many people come. But I was later told that it was her. Yes, I remember.And she told You about the wedding with Maxim Galkin?- Yes.Even the inner circle of Alla Borisovna not aware that Pugacheva and Galkin - already married husband and wife. Star so badly wanted this marriage, overcame so many obstacles that you can only imagine how happy she is now.Rumors that Pugacheva and Galkin were married, appeared immediately after the divorce divas with Kirkorov. Official statement about the dissolution of their marriage Alla and Philip made on 23 November 2005 using the singer lolita broadcast the popular talk show "Without complexes". However, the divorce took place even earlier - Pugacheva and Kirkorov legally separated at the end of March. In Taganskiy registry office where the documents are processed, this information is kept in the strictest confidence. Divorce knew only a few people. In March Pugachev was spotted by paparazzi without a wedding ring. Philip can't part with him to this day.Kirkorov was the fourth husband of Pugacheva. Prior to that, she was married to the Mykolas Orbison - father of Christina Orbakaite, directed by Alexander Stefanovich and producer Eugene Boldini. Marriage Kirkorov and Pugacheva concluded in March 1994 in St. Petersburg.In may of the same year they got married in Jerusalem at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The ceremony was performed by Abbot mark. Now he is in Moscow for the dignity of Bishop.In June 2005, two months after her divorce from Philip, Alla and Maxim Galkin visited Israel on tour. They went there in 2007 and m - in April and June. In any of these visits and can take place at a wedding. The sources close to the pair insist still on 2007 m when Alla Borisovna first decided to celebrate the day of birth abroad. They are like a cat and then moved first to France and then to Israel. There the singer and her boyfriend visited the same Trinity Cathedral.Pugachev clearly favours marriage concluded in heaven before God than the earth, sealed with the official Registrar. Which is not surprising. Wedding ceremony is much more solemn and majestic. The mystery is preceded by betrothal, where the ring has a special meaning: it's not just the gift of the bridegroom to the bride, as a sign of the continuous, eternal Union between them. Who knows, maybe this ring, flirting, demonstrated Alla this summer at the "New wave" in Jurmala?Often before the wedding first register a civil marriage. His Church though considers devoid of grace, but as a fact acknowledged. However, not every Union can be blessed in Church. For example, the Church does not allow marriage more than three times. Under the civil law allowed the fourth and fifth marriages, which the Church does not bless.In the case of Pugacheva is the case - Kirkorov was the fourth husband, and Galkin, it turns out, the fifth. Not permitted wedding, if at least one spouse is not baptized. But Alla and Maxim - Orthodox Christians. If the Allochka parents baptized the newborn, the Maxim was recently baptized, an adult.Wedding impossible, if one of the future spouses is already married to another person. First you need to terminate a civil ceremony and if the marriage was a Church, be sure to take the permission of the Bishop to terminate and receive the blessing on the entry into a new marriage.This item was probably the most time-consuming obstacle Pugacheva to the second heavenly marriage. But for Alla Pugacheva, it seems, nothing is impossible. And so she became wedded wife Maxim Galkin. In celebration of city day in Moscow Alla came on the scene already with a wedding ring.Advice about rules re wedding gives the priest of the Moscow Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr in-the-fields father Daniel:- You can get a Church blessing on three of his marriage. To execute a wedding affects only the number of previous weddings, and not civil marriages. Of course, this does not mean that a person has samoopravdatsya. If a person was married in the marriage, then the Church for the sake of indulgence to the weaknesses allows second and even third marriages.Ceremony no debunking. Marriage, as a sacrament, indissoluble. It's like restrictase" is also impossible.

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