Carla Bruni will tell the truth about Sarkozy in the book

Carla Bruni will tell the truth about Sarkozy in the bookFamily life of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy will soon once again be in the spotlight. To be released book called "the True story of Carla and Nicolas".In numerous interviews presented in the book, France's first lady Carla Bruni says that he loved the President's first sight for its "lively mind" and appearance, writes The Independent. (The full text on the website to her he had made some impression on her first blind date, which Sarkozy has appointed a former top model shortly after his divorce from his wife Cecilia. "I've never met a nerd. It's not my style, "says Bruni," But he has a very lively mind"."I didn't expect to see such a lively and cheerful person," she said to the authors of the book, Valerie Benamou and Yves Azeroual. - I was deceived by his good looks, charm and wit.The book also describes the events of life Bruni, starting with her three-month affair with the President and their wedding in February.The authors of the future bestseller not paid attention to the rumors about a complicated relationship with Carla protege of the President - the Minister of justice of France Rashidi Dati. According to Bruni, Dati and she would become the wife of the President. In addition, the Minister maintains close friendships with ex-wife Sarkozy, Cecilia. As stated in the book, Bruni was even forced to ask the Minister of justice not to send her husband a message in the morning.But Carl tries to represent their relationship with the Minister of justice in a different light. She claims that between them there is no animosity. "I see her. She makes me laugh a lot... Between us there is no animosity," said Bruni.An unnamed friend of Bruni-Sarkozy argues in the book that the problems in the relationship of two women exist, but rather they are more related to the justice Minister.Previous first lady, Bernadette Chirac, gave the charities and participated in the ceremonies. Sarkozy-Bruni still did not many official outlets with my husband.Speaking about his role as first lady, Bruni-Sarkozy said that he sees no contradiction between its new status and career of the pop star. The question of how she imagines their duties, she gave an answer that did not require deep reflection: "I Have two priorities," she said. Is to fight poverty worldwide and ignorance"."I do not intend to change jobs. I have a function (first lady), but it doesn't work, " she said. - I'm just a singer. That I sing, there is nothing wrong". The first lady of France has confirmed that he is not going to give concerts during the Sarkozy presidency. Source: Carla Bruni tell the truth about Sarkozy in the book.

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